Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science: Competent services for successful products

Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science: Competent services for successful products

Facing the challenge of increasing market diversity and growing consumer demands concerning product quality it is most essential to evaluate in detail the factors influencing first and repeat purchase of food and beverage products.

While first purchase is mostly influenced by extrinsic conceptual elements, repeat purchase is based on the intrinsic product features, of which taste is doubtless the most important one. Following the main principle “The fish must like the bait, not the angler” it is essential to consider the consumers’ view of concepts and products instead of following decisions based on biased internal tastings.

Sensory Science: Objective profiling of products
Descriptive sensory analyses take place in special booths for tasting, in which the necessary unitary conditions regarding light, temperature and humidity can be created. All of the booths are equipped with networked PCs that enable a direct data input for the test persons and permit the project managers a prompt evaluation of data. Also special sensory software is put to use, which enables an extensive and meaningful analysis of the data by state of the art statistical methods. Project specific testing panels are assembled by 8 to 10 persons, which are part of more than 80 skilled and trained in-house staff members from a wide variety of departments. These panels work on global sensory mappings of special categories (for example orange juice) as well as on shelf life studies or on the optimization of sweetening systems (including the innovative Döhler MultiSweet® Stevia system).

Consumer Science: Measuring product acceptance
The goal of consumer research is to gather and evaluate the behaviour of the consumer as a reaction to the sensory perception, which basically means to measure the acceptance of the products.

For the area of consumer research a database of 2,500 persons can be accessed for the German market. A network by external market research companies is available for international studies to assist in cross regional field-work, which means selection and questioning of test persons in the particular market. Independently, in a range of important foreign Doehler locations (especially Brazil, Russia, India and China) adequate departments in the area of sensory & consumer science are already at work or in the planning in order to offer this field of service on location to our international customers.

Sensory Seminars: building up skills for internal sensory work
Besides these testing services Döhler SCS also offers seminars and workshops in the field of Sensory & Consumer Science. Two sensory seminars (German) are already scheduled for 2011 (May and November), additional events in English are in preparation.

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Sensory & Consumer Science Solutions

Sensory & Consumer Science Solutions

  • Sensory Science: Tracking the taste objectively
  • Consumer Science: Evaluating and understanding consumer behaviour
  • Sensory Seminars: Know-how for Your Success

Good taste is the main driver for food and beverage preferences and buying decisions. Döhler customers benefit from our great experience with all advanced methods of sensory & consumer science. We apply the findings and methodology holistically and systematically, based on panels of experts in sensory science as well as consumer research. Sensory science is founded on expert sensory methodology focused through objective perception and measurement. In our sensory tests, more than 100 specially trained Döhler experts verify and record the taste spectrum under optimum conditions.

Consumer Science or consumer research aims to monitor and evaluate consumer behaviour according to sensory perception. At our headquarters in Darmstadt alone, over 2,000 consumers are constantly available. International studies are carried out by a network of specialised partner institutes supervised by the DöhlerGroup.

Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science is an independent, professional provider of consumer testing and sensory services for the food and beverage industry. As a member of BVM (the German Professional Association of Market and Social Researchers) and ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research), Döhler SCS bases its work on the latest standards and has its own impressive range of resources.

This knowledge base, paired with intensive R & D, is the key factor behind the everyday development of successful products for our customers around the world.

Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science is the key to success for your new product development – fast, efficient and cost effective.

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