Ice Cream

The urge to indulge.

Our ice cream concepts won’t leave your consumers cold.

Be it ice cream, frozen dessert or sorbet, there is always one important factor when it comes to these cold delicacies – pure indulgence. Döhler offers you innovative ice cream concepts and ingredient solutions, allowing you to spoil your consumers even more and tempt them to try your product. From fruity sauce toppings and creations with liquid chocolate or caramel core through to 100% smoothie fruit ice cream.

Discover ice cream creations that will melt gourmets’ hearts away – and the perfect solution for you.

Vanilla and cocktail flavour? With a fruity topping or fun crunchy coating? For gourmets of any age? Döhler develops your individual ice cream creation for which all ingredients are perfectly coordinated, for example with bubbles, premium fruit and vegetable purees or extraordinary flavours such as tea or chilli extracts.

As a global partner and trendsetter in the food and beverage industry, we have comprehensive knowledge of the market, many years of experience in developing successful applications, and the integrated ingredient expertise of a full-service provider. That is how we provide you with more than just innovative product ideas; we also supply the right natural ingredients, all the way to tailored all-in-one ingredient systems.

Döhler’s Natural Ingredients and Ingredient Systems turn your ice cream into an extraordinary, multi-sensory experience.

From fruity flavours and brown flavours such as chocolate, nut, vanilla, coffee or nougat through to trend flavours such as cocktail, tea or vegetables.

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Comprehensive colour spectrum – adapted to the specific requirements of ice creams.

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Perfectly balanced sweetening systems for calorie reduction.

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Chunky and smooth purees from in-house fruit and vegetable processing and manufacturing facilities.

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Bases from milk, cream and yoghurt as well as almond-based milk alternatives, for example.

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Be it flavour, colour, sweetening or inclusions, our all-in-one preparations, toppings and ripple sauces already contain all the ingredients you need for your ice creams – coordinated accurately and tailored to your manufacturing processes.

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