Citrus Flavours

Refreshing, juicy, sweet, fruity - just fantastic!

Are you looking for the real Multi-Sensory Experience of Citrus?

The freshness and quality of the fruits as well as our sophisticated technologies are most important for the authentic taste profiles. That´s why we are located in the heart of the orange-growing region in Brazil – to capture the full and most natural taste of Citrus fruits. Our customers can trust on reliable supply and standardized taste profiles at any time!

The taste nuances offered by citrus fruits are more diverse than those of almost any other fruit category. No other taste enjoys greater acceptance in the beverage industry. The citrus taste is a favourite in nearly all countries around the globe. In order to capture the most popular taste for your products – we start at the very beginning of the taste value chain: The Fresh fruit!

This is why our Centre of Expertise Citrus is based in the biggest citrus growing area in the world – in Brazil. But we harvest also high quality fruits in Spain and Egypt. The immediate processing of the best fruits with advanced and proprietary technologies enables us to capture the wonderful multi-sensory attributes of versatile citrus varieties and to guarantee you the reliable supply of all fantastic citrus taste nuances in their purest naturalness! 

Next to NFC-Juices and fruit juice concentrates we offer you a great variety of citrus flavour keys, isolates, fractions, add-back flavours, waterphases and folded oils.  Besides the most popular fruits like orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, mandarin and tangerine we also process specialties which open up exotic taste sensations for you.

Isolate and fractions derived from the fresh citrus fruit: Key components for add-back flavours which assure the purest taste of nature!

Concentrated to what really matters: Pure taste! 10,000 kilograms of oranges produce some 5,600 kilograms of juice, from which around 1,000 kilograms of juice concentrate, 22 kilograms of peel oil, 10 kilograms of water phase and 1 to 3 kilograms of oil phase can be extracted.

Around 200 natural molecules are responsible, that citrus fruits taste like they taste! With state-of-the-art technologies and high- and low volatile recovering processes we extract the important molecules from the fresh fruit to re-constitute FTNF flavours for the food & beverage industry. Having direct access to the fruit, owning the process and being vertically integrated practically any imaginable Citrus molecule is extracted and made available to flavourists all over the world.

For us the term “Natural” is not negotiable and therefore only physical processes are applied e. g.  extraction, percolation, molecular and various other distillation technologies not to forget numerous captive technologies. This ensures that no helping agent or solvent can ever compromise the clean, pure taste of nature. The term 'naturalness' can be used with absolute accuracy.

For you that means:

  • A broad range of finest, unique top-notes
  • Pure & most authentic taste
  • Toolbox for balanced flavour creations
  • 100 % Naturalness

Our guarantee for your success: Flavours tailored to consumer´s taste and your application!

Peely, fully ripe, sweet or bitter -  how do you like your orange? A study conducted by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science made it clear: Brazilian love sweeter and riper taste profiles, while European consumers prefer peely, sour and green taste nuances.

Successful market products demand knowledge of the local consumers’ taste preferences, which can differ widely from country to country. Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science has identified these preferences of the fine citrus taste nuances based on internal and external consumer panels. This and the deep analytical and sensory knowledge of the different citrus varieties is crucial for the creation of flavours that meet the multi-sensory expectation of your consumers. We have global team of highly skilled flavourists. Their experience and our natural toolbox of finest taste nuances are our fundament to develop the best flavour profiles for your food or beverage.

Additionally we know how flavour behave in the different food & beverage application under the influence of light, temperature and pressure in specific packaging. Thanks to complex research methods under real-life conditions, we are able to develop flavours that are tailored to the application which remain stable, fresh and authentic during the entire shelf life.

100% purity & naturalness 

With the help of the latest and most advanced technologies such as distillation, extraction and chromatography, Döhler uses 100% natural raw materials such as fruits, vegetables and other plant substances to produce FTNF/FTNJ flavours, extracts and flavour building blocks with a distinctively authentic taste. Using exclusively physical processes guarantees that no process aids or solvents can impair the clean, pure taste of nature, so that the term 'naturalness' can be used with absolute accuracy.

100% taste authenticity 

The freshness of the raw materials is a crucial factor in producing premium flavours. As a vertically integrated company with eight production facilities worldwide, Döhler is represented everywhere the fruits are grown. This guarantees that the fruits are processed on the spot and the flavour-relevant raw materials are extracted directly. Citrus and exotic fruit specialities are processed at the Centre of Excellence in Brazil, while highly concentrated apple essences are produced at the Centre of Excellence in Poland. Döhler has also secured outstanding and reliable sources of raw materials for other fruits and plants, such as vanilla and cola nut.

100% standardised taste reproduction 

The quality of fruits and other plants can vary widely from country to country and harvest to harvest – causing the content of relevant flavour substances to vary, too. Thanks to our access to a wide range of raw material qualities, we are able to balance out these harvest variations and to produce specialities with specified flavour values for you: consistent taste profiles with consistent quality at all times are the Döhler promise.

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