Center of Excellence for Citrus

Döhler invests further in high tech-distillation equipment at its fast growing “Center of Excellence for Citrus” in Limeira/Brazil

  • 100 % natural
  • 100 % fruit-derived
  • 100 % authentic
  • 100 % Döhler

As a fully vertically integrated company, Döhler processes natural flavour keys of the highest quality with the most authentic and freshest raw materials available.

Natural Isolates and keys such as Octanal, Decanal, Linalool, Valencene, Ethyl-butyrate, Sinensal, Hexanal and many more, all derived from oranges, are processed at Döhler América Latina in Limeira, Brazil.

The new distillation columns are multi-purpose devices and impressive in terms of capacity and size. They serve as a capacity expansion and at the same time enable Döhler to broaden its Citrus keys portfolio. Several distillation columns, chromatography, vacuum molecular distillation, spinning cone columns and captive equipment form the core of Döhler’s Natural Flavour Extract processing when it comes to citrus. For decades now, Döhler offers absolutely natural fruit-derived flavour specialties extracted by physical means only. No solvents are applied, neither as carriers nor as processing aids.

The most recent investment allows even more flexibility in production scheduling and will improve lead times substantially.

As natural as possible is the goal

The Natural Flavour Extract portfolio consists of Fruit Isolates, Fractions as well as composed FTNF/J flavours. These so-called add-back flavours can – respectively must - be applied in juices and nectars made from concentrate. They also give the important twist to make the final beverage unique and to differentiate it from others. All relevant technologies are available at one site. Some of these are especially helpful when it comes to the very demanding fractionation processes.

Nowadays, tailor-made Isolates - developed based on specific requirements from our worldwide customers – can be processed and directly supplied from Döhler América Latina in Limeira/Brazil.

Processing close to the raw material is key for authentic and high quality natural flavour extracts

Limeira was chosen for Döhler’s Center of Excellence Citrus because of its location in the heart of citrus-growing in Brazil.

The freshest and most authentic raw materials are processed locally, avoiding any deterioration of quality and foremost – TASTE.

This allows the transformation of the best quality raw materials into most authentic natural flavoring keys. These are “never” exposed to oxygen and light, which, as is common knowledge, have a very negative impact on the taste profile and shelf life.

Contribution to sustainability

DöhlerGroup is permanently improving processes and its contribution to sustainability.

Processing the raw materials so close to their origin not only guarantees authenticity but also helps to optimize logistics and therefore contributes to sustainability. The Döhler site in Brazil exports directly to its worldwide customers in other countries. Only the item needed is supplied and not the sometimes huge amounts of by-products in which other customers of other countries might be interested in. This very distinct supply is highly productive and reduces the carbon footprint significantly. Sustainability is not just a phrase but an integral part of our daily work.

About Doehler:

Doehler ( is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-based natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Doehler’s integrated approach and the broad product portfolio are the optimal basis for innovative and safe food & beverage applications. The product portfolio of natural ingredients ranges from flavours, colours, health & nutrition ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy ingredients, speciality ingredients, dry ingredients and fruit & vegetable ingredients to ingredient systems.

Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, Doehler is active in over 130 countries and has 30 production sites, as well as sales offices and application centres on every continent. More than 4,500 dedicated employees provide our customers with fully integrated food & beverage solutions from concept to realisation.

“WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE.” briefly describes Doehler’s holistic, strategic and entrepreneurial approach to innovation. This comprises market intelligence, trend monitoring, the development of innovative products and product applications, advice on food safety and microbiology, food law as well as Sensory & Consumer Science.

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