Comprehensive market expertise

We have our finger on the pulse of the market, so that your food and beverages

make consumers’ hearts beat faster.

Which taste is exciting? Which colour is fascinating? Which scent is seductive? And which product promise is convincing? We give you well-founded answers to the questions that decide your success. Döhler is at home in a wide range of food and beverage industries, conducts research and development around the world and supports customers in more than 130 countries. We know the challenges of your industry, have our eye on the latest trends across all markets, and know exactly what consumers want at a local level. This allows us to support you effectively with your innovation process, range development and international strategy.

Worldwide knowledge of the latest trends and regional consumer preferences.

Global presence in the markets.
We are very close to what our customers and their consumers want in more than 130 countries. In 24 application centres worldwide and with more than 500 staff in R&D, Döhler develops new products and concepts right on the pulse of the markets.

Market Intelligence
Döhler’s Market Intelligence team gathers and analyses data on markets and consumers worldwide from many external sources and within our own organisation. The goal is a well-founded understanding of the market that allows fast and accurate decision-making.

Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science
Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science conducts sensory consumer research and scientific studies around the world, for example on taste and colour perception.

Döhler Added Value
A head start in the development of promising products and concepts for food and beverage applications. Clear recommendations, well-founded bases for decision-making and a clear time advantage for our customers.

Decades of expertise in developing successful product innovations.

Döhler has interdisciplinary development expertise in almost every food and beverage category. Around 10,000 foods and beverages containing ingredients from Döhler are currently on the market. Our decades of experience and comprehensive expertise are incorporated into every new development. That is why our solutions are perfectly tailored not only to the preferences of your consumers, but also to your technologies and food law constraints.

Discover our whole journey from nature

to a unique multi-sensory experience.

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