Fermented Beverages

Traditional meets modern - the most innovative beverages often use production methods which are thousands of years old!

Extraordinary in taste, particularly refreshing, naturally healthy and stylishly innovative: Non-alcoholic fermented beverages bring together all these benefits.

No wonder, as these modern beverages draw on a tried-and-tested production process which has been refined time and time again over the centuries. In recent years, many brand manufacturers have rediscovered fermentation and created whole new generations of soft drinks.

Are you looking for an exciting and unique beverage concept? Do you want to stand out among the competition with an interesting product?

Döhler has developed a great number of fermented beverage concepts for you which offer exactly this opportunity. At the same time we offer everything you need from a single source:

  • Natural, non-alcoholic fermented bases made from fruit juices, malt and tea.
  • All other ingredients: from fruit juice concentrates to natural flavours and colours.
  • Services around the product development: from Sensory & Consumer Science to questions concerning microbiology and the product labelling.

Fermented beverages: a different kind of refreshment!

In beverages, fermentation has been used around the world for thousands of years. Examples include Russian kvass (made from fermented malt and rye), Chinese kombucha (made from fermented tea) and Turkish hardaliye (made from fermented fruit juice) – all products whose manufacturing produces NO alcohol (as in typical beer fermentation); clearly a benefit in terms of both health and taste.

The flavour profile of fermented beverages made from malt, fruit juices and tea is refreshing, slightly tart and not so sweet, making them especially popular with adults. In addition, many contain natural acids such as valuable gluconic acids, which make the beverages particularly wholesome.

Döhler has used technology to perfect the classic fermentation process and develop both traditional and innovative beverage concepts with unique taste profiles on this basis.

These beverages can be positioned as natural soft drinks, adult lemonades or even scene and lifestyle drinks.

Modern Kombucha

The taste sensation without added flavours!

  • With fermented black tea
  • Particularly fruity flavour similar to peach can only be achieved through fermentation
  • Clean label and natural

0,0 % Cider & Wine Mixes

The non-alcoholic alternative - indulgence without alcohol!

  • Non-alcoholic fermented white or red grape juice from the basis
  • With natural trend flavours

Adult Lemonade

Light and natural refreshment for adult tastes!

  • 7 % juice, 15 % fruit content
  • 20-30 % fewer calories thanks to the use of non-alcoholic fermented apple juice concentrate

Brewed Lemonade

Naturally brewed lemonade - tastes like homemade!

  • With fermented fruit juices
  • Without added flavours
  • Clean label, few ingredients
  • 15-20 % fewer calories compared to conventional lemonades

Döhler Fermented Bases: the best raw materials naturally refined!

Döhler recognised the trend for fermented beverages very early, using a library of more than 2,500 micro-organisms, we have developed a wide range of non-alcoholic fermented bases made from fruit juices, tea and malt. Depending on the raw material and micro-organism used, and using a range of manufacturing processes, various taste profiles and nutritional or functional properties can be achieved. This makes fermented bases the perfect basis for naturally calorie-reduced, healthy and refreshing beverages with an extraordinary taste profile.

Döhler non-alcoholic fermented bases made from fruit juices, tea and malt:

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