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Döhler at Anuga 2019

The best of nature for unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®

At this year’s Anuga trade fair, held between 5 and 9 October, Döhler will present a diverse portfolio of innovative, natural ingredients and applications which combine plant-based nutrition, sugar reduction and functionality with unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®.

The inspirational product concepts range from a vitalizing Hemp Energy Drink, to a sweet onion version of a savoury cheesecake, a delicious Banana Bread Praline with a sophisticated filling, up to a vegetable spread with the spicy taste of zucchini, herbs and lemongrass, which is perfectly suited for toast with vegetable puree. Whether reduced sugar soft drinks with full taste, fruity smoothies or delicious baked goods or confectionery, Döhler will present a wide range of innovations for the food and beverage industry at its stand – all of which are in line with the company slogan “We bring ideas to life.”

Plant-Based Nutrition 

Plant-based nutrition is far more than just a trend: it stands for a contemporary, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Döhler possesses comprehensive experience in the development and production of plant-based foods and beverages, ranging from the sustainable sourcing of the best raw materials, to the development of foods and beverages which impress with their natural taste. The company will present a comprehensive portfolio of innovative product concepts for the food and beverage industry which appeals to all the senses at the Anuga trade fair. The range of innovations is based among other things on Integrated Natural Colour Solutions and Coating Systems for vibrant colours and appearances, Plant-Based Ingredients which are based on cereals, nuts or seeds and are used in innovative plant-based product concepts, as well as Integrated Taste Solutions, such as botanical extracts and new natural fruit flavours for excellent taste sensations. Products using Döhler’s natural Dry Ingredients also impress with their authentic taste, excellent mouthfeel and characteristic colours.

Currently, products which offer alternative solutions to traditional dairy products are very popular, and Döhler will exhibit impressive solutions to this issue at its stand, including a selection of diverse plant-based drinks, based on almonds, oats or coconut, which are ideal for adding to coffee, pouring over cereal or drinking on their own. The Barley Sunflower Cold Brew Coffee is an impressive combination of the next generation of plant-based drinks, based on barley and sunflower seeds, and trendy cold brew coffee. The result is a delicious coffee drink which provides the consumer with a completely new and indulgent experience thanks to its authentic and aromatic taste. An innovative smoothie variation combines a fermented oat base with our Mango-Passionfruit multi-fruit preparation to create an extraordinarily soft mouthfeel and further underline a special taste sensation – all without added sugars for more naturalness.

Plant-based fermented desserts are alternatives to dairy-based yoghurts which create impressive taste sensations through the addition of natural flavours. They create healthy added value thanks to their plant-based protein content, making them ideal for snacks or desserts. The almond-based, rhubarb and blackcurrant flavour yoghurt with a hint of hibiscus, which enables “cleaner label”, “organic” and “high protein” declarations, and the coconut-based strawberry yoghurt are just two of these impressive products which demonstrate the newest possibilities of purely plant-based concepts. Lovers of ice cream also cannot miss out on the plant-based ice cream package! Creamy ice cream using an almond or oat base is available with plant-based chocolate and hazelnut sauce and freeze-dried blueberries and raspberries to be combined to form individual creations. 

Innovative Plant-Based Bakery Products

Döhler will also present a selection of plant-based bakery and cookie innovations, including a plant-based cheesecake with coconut which impresses with its creamy texture, a spicy-sweet cinnamon star with lemon flavour which, thanks to the addition of beetroot puree, is an intense, almost violet-red colour, or the crunchy plant-based Florentines. Only the best plant-based ingredients are used in all applications to create unique multi-sensory taste sensations!

Unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®

When it comes to food and beverages, consumers are above all looking for products with unique taste sensations along with healthy, natural ingredients, new textures, brilliant colours, an exquisite mouthfeel and ultimately the emotional enjoyment that comes from Multi-Sensory Experiences®. Döhler will present innovative concepts at its stand which, based on the comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients, include natural flavours and colours, to dry ingredients and innovative sweetening solutions, create a perfectly harmonious mixture of taste, appearance and texture to appeal to all the senses.

Refreshing beverages which are less sweet, yet full of flavour, are in great demand. Döhler has therefore developed reduced sugar concepts for lemonades and co., comprising well-known classics up to innovative beverages. The diverse selection of natural sweetening solutions can be perfectly tailored to the respective desired taste profile through countless combination options.

Innovative Sweetening Solutions

Beverage concepts that are less sweet and have a more exciting flavour diversity are becoming ever more popular amongst consumers. The Refreshingly Light Soda provides a pure fruit taste, combining the sour, yet fresh flavour of lemon with a hint of sweet peach and is presented in the trend colour of coral. At under  5 g per 100 ml, the sugar content is low, while a juice content of at least 8% is that much higher. Consumers looking for a lemonade with a more “grown-up” taste profile should try our Light Brewed Soda with its special flavour notes of brewed ginger and brewed lime. Thanks to a natural sweetening solution using a stevia tea brew, the drink has a sugar content of just 4.1 g per 100 ml.

Water Plus – Plus added naturalness, variety or health.

Everyone is talking about Water Plus, a series of innovative beverage concepts with a hint of flavour and healthy added value! Discover applications such as Fruit Infused Water in lemon & apple or raspberry & mint flavours, or the fruity-tart taste sensation of Botanical Waters, created by adding lemon juice containing rosemary and coriander extracts, at the Döhler stand. The Energising Water with the exotic flavours of mango and passion fruit, as well as caffeine, ginseng and guarana extract, provide a natural energy boost in addition to the multi-sensory experience.

Alongside the innovative beverage concepts, Döhler also provides exciting insight into unique concepts for confectionery, including optimised solutions for reduced sugar versions. One example is the delicious fruit gums in the popular flavour of hemp-lavender, which use natural products to reduce sugar by 30%, allowing you to enjoy a healthy snack with all the senses!

Finest Confectionery

The Dark Chocolate Coated Almond are sugar-coated chocolates that combine a fascinating taste with a vibrant appearance. The fine taste of dark chocolate, with an almond core, meets the fiery heat of chili, while Döhler’s Coating Systems give the product an excellent gloss and protection for complete indulgence!
The diversity and vibrancy of the Natural Colours from Döhler help bring the Rainbow Cookies to the next level. Colours and flavours which remain stable while baking help not only make the biscuits look great, but also taste irresistible!

Driving Nutritional Excellence

Ever more consumers expect the food and beverages they consume to have a natural, functional added value as well as vibrant appearances and excellent taste. Döhler will therefore present a selection of innovative and diverse concepts based on Health Ingredients. These include herbal and fruit extracts, plant-based proteins, and vitamins and minerals.

The Plant-Based High Protein Drink, also available in vanilla flavour, is a perfect alternative to milk while also providing plant-based proteins for a balanced diet. Our Protein Ball is a delicious and healthy in-between snack with apricot ingredients which supply the body with plant-based proteins. The same goes for our Protein Bars which use 100% natural fruit powders to create a first-class banana or raspberry flavour and which also have a high plant-based protein content.

Alongside the innovative food applications, Döhler also has beverage concepts with functional added value. Many consumers require an additional source of energy which can easily be integrated into their active lifestyle. The next generation of energy drinks developed by Döhler are perfectly suited here and impress with their natural ingredients and low calorie content. The spectrum ranges from a Guayusa Energy Drink and a Cold Brew Coffee Energy Drink to a cola-flavoured Zero Sugar Energy Drink.

This diverse selection provides just a few examples of our innovation concepts which are based on our comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions. On this basis, we create first-class food and beverages which meet all the different requirements of consumers around the world and which all have one particular thing in common: Indulgence for all the senses! Visitors to Döhler’s stand can discover a vast number of innovative ingredients and inspiring ideas for the next generation of successful food and beverages.

Hall 8, Stand A010


Press release Doehler at Anuga 2019