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Döhler at CFIA 2018

Turning the best out of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence

The beverage and food market is increasingly driven by consumers’ desire for more natural products that provide healthy added value. The innovation concepts which Döhler will be showcasing at this year’s CFIA in Rennes, France meet this desire and open up exciting Multi-Sensory Experiences®. In line with the company slogan “We bring ideas to life.”, Döhler will present a comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients, ingredient systems, integrated solutions and inspiration for outstanding food and beverage innovations. Visitors to the Döhler stand can enjoy a wide range of outstanding product ideas such as tasty protein gums, pralines filled with fine fruits and vegetables, gluten-free brownie cookies, fruity tea drinks and many more. These innovative concepts are based on a wide range of plant-based ingredients including natural ingredients such as natural flavours and natural colours, health ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy and dairy-free ingredients, speciality ingredients, dry ingredients, fruit and vegetable ingredients and ingredient systems. 

Innovative product ideas with healthy added value

Healthy nutrition is playing an increasingly important role for consumers, yet it presents major challenges for manufacturers: a product should be as natural as possible, contain little sugar and many nutrients, and taste good at the same time. Based on its principle of “Turning the best out of nature into unique Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence”, Döhler delivers integrated solutions that deal with these challenges. The company offers a new portfolio of botanical extracts from well-known plants such as aloe vera, hibiscus, baobab or rooibos. Thanks to in-house processing using state-of-the-art technology, Döhler is able to present botanical extracts in standardised quality. Visitors to the Döhler stand at CFIA can enjoy many food and beverage applications containing these natural ingredients, such as cakes with hibiscus extracts, crunchy cereals with extracted aloe vera and baobab combined with tasty porridge, and can see for themselves how indulgent, natural and healthy these products can be.

As well as these innovative product ideas, Döhler is showcasing its broad range of natural flavours and fruit and vegetable ingredients that can be tailored to the specific requirements of its customers. This extensive portfolio of natural ingredients can be used for innovative food and beverage applications that focus on the theme of naturalness. Cucumber pralines, fruit and vegetable drinking yogurts and fruit gums with rooibos extract are just some of many examples that meet customer demand for more natural products.

Turning the best out of nature into unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®

Consumers are also looking for greater transparency, especially regarding food applications, and value a clear, clean and comprehensible declaration. Döhler is meeting this demand with a wide range of brilliant colour concentrates guaranteed to remain permanently stable in product applications. Colouring concentrates gained from fruits, vegetables and plants are the most natural way to give food and beverages natural colour hues. At CFIA, Döhler will show new malt colouring concentrates for natural brown hues ranging from a light colour effect to a deep, intense colour. As food ingredients, they allow a clean label declaration without E-numbers. The colour malt concentrate stands out thanks to its neutral taste and high colour stability, and is an outstanding substitute for the caramel colouring E150c/d, for example in colas. At the Döhler stand, the colouring malt concentrates will be available for tasting in a number of different product applications, such as naturally coloured muffins and buns.

Enjoyment and indulgence are still the main concern in the consumption of confectionery and baked goods. Döhler’s broad spectrum of dry ingredients comprises whole dried fruits, slices, pieces, powders and granulates. Thanks to modern and gentle drying technologies, the natural raw materials such as fruits and vegetables keep their valuable nutrients, their fresh taste and their natural colour. Visitors to the Döhler stand can see all this for themselves – from chocolate pralines with fruit pieces to savoury bell pepper and carrot cereal balls.

About Döhler:

Döhler ( is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Döhler’s integrated approach and the broad product portfolio are the optimal basis for innovative and safe food & beverage applications. The product portfolio of natural ingredients ranges from natural flavours, natural colours, health ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy & dairy-free ingredients, speciality ingredients, dry ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients to ingredient systems. 

Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, Döhler is active in over 130 countries and has 30 production sites, as well as sales offices and application centres on every continent. More than 6,000 dedicated employees provide our customers with fully integrated food & beverage solutions from concept to realisation.

“WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE.” briefly describes Döhler’s holistic, strategic and entrepreneurial approach to innovation. This comprises market intelligence, trend monitoring, the development of innovative products and product applications, advice on food safety and microbiology, food law as well as Sensory & Consumer Science.


Press Release Döhler at CFIA 2018