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Döhler at Gulfood Manufacturing

Döhler presents Multi-Sensory Experiences® for the food & beverage industry at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai

From reduced sugar carbonated soft drinks with new flavours to multifruit smoothies to freeze-dried vegetable chips – in line with the company slogan “We bring ideas to life.”, Döhler will present pioneering products and product applications for the food and beverage industry at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai from November 6 to 8, 2018. At the Döhler stand (Sheikh Saeed Hall, S3-A24), the company will showcase natural ingredients and integrated solutions that reflect the global demands of consumers for healthier and more natural nutrition, as well as unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®. 

Multi-Sensory Experiences®. With a comprehensive ingredient portfolio of natural flavours and high-quality fruit ingredients, Döhler has developed new product concepts in line with the consumer taste preferences in the Middle East and Africa, delivering fresh impetus to the local food and beverage industry. Traditional taste profiles, such as still drinks with pomegranate and guava lemon as well as innovative taste creations like fresh lemon-ginger-elderflower and melon-lychee-mint-drinks, are just some of the many products that Döhler will present at its stand. In addition to integrated solutions for beverages, the company will also present natural ingredients and integrated solutions for indulgent bakery products and confectionery. From the popular fruit-filled ma’amoul cookie to tasty muffins with freeze-dried mango and blueberry granulates, creamy dark chocolate coffee pralines and fruity cereal bars to be eaten on-the-go, Döhler will present innovative product ideas that appeal to all the senses. 

Healthy lifestyle. Consumers in the Middle East are increasingly looking for foods and beverages with optimised nutritional values that go hand in hand with a modern, healthy lifestyle. Döhler offers a broad portfolio of health ingredients, ranging from botanical extracts and vitamins to plant-based proteins and new sweetening solutions for outstandingly tasty products. Reduced sugar tea drinks with new flavours, such as lemon-mint or peach pear, fruity plant-based drinks and cookies with less sugar or enriched with proteins are just some of the many examples that will be exhibited at the Döhler stand and reflect the perfect fusion of unique taste experiences and a healthy added value. 

As a global innovation partner to the food and beverage industry, Döhler will present a broad portfolio of natural ingredients to its customers, ranging from natural flavours, natural colours, health ingredients, pulses & cereal ingredients, dry fruit & vegetable ingredients, dairy & plant-based ingredients, fermented ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients to ingredient systems for product applications that meet the individual lifestyle of consumers, offer healthy added value and provide unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®.

Döhler at Gulfood Manufacturing:
Sheikh Saeed Hall, S3-A24