Döhler at ProSweets 2020

More and more consumers are looking for healthy added value in their food and beverages – a trend that is also seen in confectionery. At ProSweets, held from 2 to 5 February 2020 in Cologne, Döhler will showcase numerous innovation concepts that provide the ideal combination of health and indulgence: from delicious plant-based porridges to healthy snacks containing plant-based proteins, and even tender, creamy chocolate creations with crunchy fruit granules. In line with the company motto “Turning the best out of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence”, Döhler will present a large number of product solutions for innovative confectionery and baked goods. Focus topics will be plant-based, natural ingredients and product concepts that meet the demands of health-conscious consumers and unlock unique multi-sensory worlds of taste. All are based on an extensive portfolio of natural ingredients such as Natural Flavours, Natural Colours, Health Ingredients, Plant-based Ingredients, Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients, Dry Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients and Ingredient Systems.

Authentic taste for confectionery and baked goods
For many consumers, natural and healthy ingredients are just as crucial to their choice of what to purchase and consume as are unique taste experiences, new textures, brilliant colours and an outstanding mouthfeel. At ProSweets 2020, Döhler will present a broad portfolio of natural ingredients and innovative product concepts that meet these requirements.

Döhler's trade fair booth will give visitors the chance to experience baked goods and confectionery whose extraordinary good taste, perfect appearance and natural ingredients create unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®. They include for example plant-based muffins using walnut puree, with an outstanding taste and optimum texture that impress even without the use of typical baking ingredients such as eggs and butter.
Confectionery produced and manufactured only with plant-based ingredients are also enjoying ever greater popularity. Visitors at this year's ProSweets will have the opportunity to try another of Döhler's latest innovations: “Fruitmallows”. These fruity marshmallows contain no animal ingredients and, thanks to the use of fruit powder made from 100% raspberries, impress with both a unique taste and an especially natural colour.

Chocolate creations for every taste
Döhler offers a broad spectrum of high-quality natural ingredients for unique chocolate creations – from crispy fruit pieces and creamy nut purees to traditional and innovative fruit preparations. Fruit powders suitable for flavouring and natural colouring make the products truly indulgent for all the senses! The diversity of the product portfolio extends from pralines with cinnamon and sesame fillings to white chocolates with orange pieces and botanical extracts, and even plant-based chocolates that use oat syrup and coconut powder. In the “Dark Chocolate Coated Almond” chocolate, the crunchy almond core with fiery chilli extract creates a sophisticated combination of bite and spiciness.

Vibrant colours thanks to Integrated Natural Colour Solutions
If consumers are to be impressed by a product, both the taste and the appearance need to be something very special. That is why, at the trade fair, Döhler will present a broad spectrum of Natural Colours that are tailored to various applications for the food and beverage industry. For example, the company will showcase its Colouring Malt Extract – a clean label malt concentrate with high colour stability and an especially neutral taste which can be used as an alternative to caramel colouring.

The most exciting innovation on display will be a natural black produced from a mixture of different colouring concentrates. It will be demonstrated in a wine gum application. Further natural colours also provide natural colouring to various confectionery products. From vibrant red from black carrot or beetroot to brilliant yellow from safflower – every product is turned into a real visual highlight!

Brilliant appearance with Coating Systems for Confectionery
ProSweets will also see the presentation of coating systems that make enjoying confectionery a very special multi-sensory experience. These glazing and coating agents are tailored precisely to the confectionery (dragées, fruit gums and extruded liquorice products) and respective application. As well as being easy to use in development and production, they are made from sustainable raw materials. Döhler’s portfolio covers all the ingredients needed to refine a perfect coating finish, including natural colours, fruit powders and flavours.

Healthy and plant-based nutrition
The number of people who eat a plant-based diet and have eliminated animal products from their everyday lives, has increased dramatically in recent years – and the confectionery and baked goods industry is no exception to the trend. At ProSweets, Döhler will present a broad range of natural ingredients and versatile product ideas for confectionery and baked goods that not only look and taste delicious, but are also exclusively made from plant-based ingredients.

There is particular demand for products that offer alternatives to traditional dairy products. Döhler’s booth will showcase impressive solutions for this segment, including plant-based drinks like the Plant-based Oat Drink, whose fresh taste makes it an outstanding option on its own, with crunchy cereal or in a morning coffee. Plant-based porridges are also popular with consumers thanks to their natural ingredients and fruity taste. Be it for breakfast or as a snack, the combination of fruit powders in exciting flavours such as banana, mango and passion fruit, as well as premium fruit granules, creates an extraordinary taste sensation. Another perfect answer to the trend for purely plant-based nutrition is the Plant-based Cheesecake. Produced using coconut instead of milk and quark, its full-bodied taste and creamy mouthfeel make it just as good as classic cheesecake in every way.

Innovative confectionery and baked goods with functional added value
Many consumers are looking for food with optimal nutritional profiles, which are geared precisely to their individual needs and can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle. As a result, demand for products with functional ingredients is also growing in the confectionery and baked goods segment. The products Döhler will present at ProSweets include a probiotic muesli that is refined with fruit granules to make it a fruity taste sensation with the necessary crunch. The company will also showcase its Protein Balls – small snacks that impress with both their taste and their functional benefits. Based on dates and apricots, the snacks are enriched with plant-based proteins to meet the growing demand for natural products with functional benefits.

“WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE.” – Visitors to ProSweets 2020 are warmly invited to try the innovations exhibited at Döhler’s booth and to be inspired to create their own new product concepts.

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Press release Döhler at ProSweets 2020

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