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Döhler at SIAL 2018

Innovative solutions for unique Multi-Sensory Experiences® with healthy added value!

In line with the guiding principle “Turning the best out of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence”, Döhler will present pioneering ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions which reflect the core topics of naturalness, plant-based nutrition, Nutritional Excellence and Multi-Sensory Experiences® to visitors at the SIAL trade show, held from 21 to 25 October. 

Delicious chocolate creations, creamy ice cream compositions based on coconut, natural reduced-sugar soft drinks, cold brew coffee, healthy juices and smoothies or premium-quality tea drinks with botanical extracts – in line with the company slogan “We bring ideas to life.”, Döhler has developed a wide variety of applications for all food and beverage categories that meet the individual lifestyles of consumers, offer a balanced nutritional profile and impress thanks to their unique taste. The basis for the innovation concepts is a comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients such as natural flavours, natural colours, health ingredients, pulses & cereal ingredients, dairy & plant-based ingredients, fermented ingredients, dry fruit & vegetable ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients and ingredient systems, as well as a diverse range of certified organic ingredients.

New Multi-Sensory Experiences®

Along with healthy, natural ingredients, consumers are increasingly looking for unique flavours, new textures, products with brilliant colours, and ultimately the emotional indulgence that comes from “Multi-Sensory Experiences®”. At SIAL 2018, Döhler will present its broad range of natural ingredients and innovative product concepts with unique  taste characteristics.

The new baked goods and confectionery from Döhler impress with their extraordinarily good taste, their visual perfection and a perfect balance of various textures. And the best part: with Döhler, you experience this multi-sensory interaction through the exclusive use of natural ingredients. Visitors to Döhler’s stand can, for example, look forward to tasting a “cookie dough”, a spoonable unbaked cookie dough which, enriched with brown flavours and malt extracts, turns into a unique taste experience. In addition, the impressive new cake creation, “Naked Cake Mango”, features a high-quality fruit preparation, natural flavours and an unmistakeably fruity mango taste.

When it comes to unique chocolate creations, Döhler offers a wide range of natural and premium ingredients in the form of crunchy fruit pieces, creamy nut purees or traditional and innovative fruit preparations. Using fruit powders to create natural colouring and tasty “chunky inclusions”, these chocolate creations turn into a true indulgence for all the senses. The delicious chocolate creations are thus both visual and tasty highlights at the Döhler stand.

Unique taste explosions in beverages

Döhler will also present inspiring product ideas for beverages based on the best and natural ingredients for unmistakable taste experiences. Smoothies have been innovation drivers in the beverage aisle for many years. But they are no longer only about puréed fruit. The new generation of smoothies offers a lot more than just pure nutrients, with their sensory properties also part of the impressive package! Tropical fruits, such as goldenberry and guava, add a fresh and fruity taste, chia and flax seeds create an extra-crunchy mouthfeel, while turmeric provides a highly natural shiny colour. That makes the “superfood smoothies” a real highlight in the beverage aisle and a unique indulgence for all the senses!

Through years of experience, comprehensive industry expertise and global networking, Döhler develops customised concepts for the different consumer target groups. At SIAL, Döhler presents its extensive portfolio of Adult Soft Drinks which are specifically tailored to the consumer requirements of the 25+ age group. The innovative Brewed Sodas or Kombucha impress thanks to their reduced sweetness and extraordinary flavours. 

Healthy nutritional value through the power of nature 

Less sugar – same full taste. Foods and beverages with optimised nutritional value that are exactly in line with a modern, healthy lifestyle are what many consumers want. Döhler will present new beverage concepts at SIAL featuring healthy added value and fewer calories and ranging from innovative energy drinks to premium reduced-sugar lemonades and reduced-calorie fruit and vegetable juices. The company will also introduce its new range of MultiSense® Flavours in addition to numerous sweetening solutions that enable the reduction of sugar content by up to 100%. The MultiSense® Flavours range can be used to achieve significant sugar reduction without having to use sweeteners or to significantly improve the taste and mouthfeel of reduced-sugar products. MultiSense® Flavours create a balanced overall impression for soft drinks and dairy-based beverages and are therefore perfect for a broad range of innovative products.

Botanical diversity – Döhler offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality botanical plant extracts and full spectrum powders which provide health-promoting additional benefits, unlock unique taste experiences and are 100% natural. The portfolio includes, among other things, African extracts from baobab, moringa leaves and honeybush. The high-quality extracts impress thanks to a naturally fresh taste, and also provide inspiration for healthy and trendy product positionings. Thanks to state-of-the art processing technology, it is possible to use botanic ingredients in a wide range of applications, from clear, near-water beverages, such as Aqua Plus, up to full-bodied yoghurts or food products, such as cereal bars.

Döhler also offers plant-based proteins, such as pea and rice protein blends, that supply the body with all the essential amino acids it needs, and taste good, too. Thanks to the use of proteins from high-quality raw materials, supported by natural flavour compositions, the end products – from cereal bars to snack drinks – are characterised by outstanding multi-sensory properties.

Plant-Based Nutrition

Be it on health grounds or due to particular beliefs, more and more people are cutting out animal products and choosing a purely plant-based diet. Whereas just a few years ago, plant-based alternatives were the preserve of select specialist shops, they are now a staple found in almost any supermarket. 

Based on Döhler’s broad portfolio on plant-based ingredients such as protein, fruit and vegetable ingredients, or dairy-free ingredients from oats, almonds, rice or coconut, the company creates numerous inspiring product concepts that reflect current lifestyles and the spirit of the times. Delicious plant-based desserts with fresh fruit preparations and flavours ranging from apple, pineapple, blueberry or mango that provide a delicious plant-based alternative to traditional yoghurts or creamy plant-based ice cream based on coconut with the subtle taste of turmeric. The new generation of plant-based drinks also create new and exciting taste experiences based on dairy-free ingredients, such as delicious cold brew coffee drinks with plant-based proteins, or fruity rice drinks with exotic tastes.

Döhler’s innovation concepts at SIAL prove: Foods that strictly serve as a source of energy are a thing of the past. Today’s modern consumers choose their diets by conviction and use them to demonstrate their personal philosophy of life. As a global innovation partner for the food and beverage industry, Döhler offers its customers a broad portfolio of natural ingredients and ingredient systems for product applications which meet the individual lifestyle of consumers, provide added health value and offer unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®. 

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Press release - Döhler at SIAL 2018