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Döhler at ProSweets 2019

Discover natural ingredients and innovative ideas for unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®!

Although confectionery products are primarily seen as an indulgence, the number of customers requesting healthy added value continues to grow. At the ProSweets trade fair in Cologne from 27 to 30 January 2019, Döhler will showcase numerous innovative concepts that combine indulgence and health in perfect harmony. True to the company’s motto “Turning the best out of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence”, Döhler will present a multitude of product solutions for innovative confectionery and baked goods ranging from wholesome cereals with plant-based proteins, through fresh and fruity smoothie bowls, all the way up to delicate and creamy chocolate creations with fruity guava granules. The spotlight will be on products and product concepts focusing on plant-based nutrition and naturalness which satisfy the demands of environment- and health-conscious consumers, while also impressing with their unique multi-sensory tastes. These products and concepts are based on a comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients, such as health ingredients, cereal ingredients, natural flavours, natural colours, fruit & vegetable ingredients, dry fruit & vegetable ingredients and ingredient systems.

Unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®
Along with healthy, natural ingredients, consumers are above all looking for products with unique taste sensations, new textures, bright colours, an exquisite mouthfeel and ultimately the emotional enjoyment that comes from “Multi-Sensory Experiences®”. At ProSweets 2019, Döhler will present a broad range of natural ingredients and innovative product concepts that completely meet these demands.

The new baked goods and confectionery from Döhler stand out thanks to their extraordinarily good taste, their attractive appearance and a harmonious balance of various textures. And best of all, Döhler enables you to experience this multi-sensory interplay with ingredients that are exclusively from natural sources! Visitors to Döhler’s stand can, for example, look forward to tasting “cookie doughs”, a spoonable cookie dough enriched with brown flavours and malt extracts which provides a unique taste experience. Our new “Naked cake – Mango” creation impresses with its high-quality fruit preparations, natural flavours and unmistakeably fruity mango taste, while the newly developed “switcher gums” also provide a special taste sensation. These delicious fruit gums combine two different flavours, with the sweet vanilla coating making way to a sour rhubarb centre when chewing the gum.

When it comes to unique chocolate creations, Döhler offers a wide range of natural and premium ingredients in the form of crunchy fruit pieces, creamy nut purees and traditional or innovative fruit preparations. Using fruit powders to create natural colouring and tasty “chunky inclusions”, these chocolate creations turn into a true indulgence for all the senses. The delicious chocolate creations are thus both visual and tasty highlights at the trade fair stand, with the variety ranging from fine summer pralines with creamy fruit fillings such as mandarin or guava, through exquisite chocolate bars with an espresso flavour, all the way up to innovative “fusion chocolates” with crunchy fruit pieces. “Cereal pralines” also impress with a special interplay of flavour, colour and consistency. Coated with fine chocolate, the crispy core consisting of high-quality cereals and fruity strawberry pieces offers a truly unique multi-sensory experience.

Döhler will also present its coating systems for creating the perfect look at ProSweets. The portfolio includes sugar polishes and glazes to give products a shining appearance even in combination with natural colours, as well as chocolate polishes and confectioners’ glazes for visually appealing chocolate sweets. These can also be combined with the wide range of natural flavours to create an excellent taste sensation. The company will also exhibit gum polishes based on natural waxes alongside liquorice polishes for extruded liquorice products which prevent the confectionery from sticking together.

Plant-based nutrition with healthy added value
More and more people are cutting out animal products and choosing a purely plant-based diet for ethical, ecological or health-related reasons. This trend is also evident in the confectionery and baked goods industry. At ProSweets, Döhler will present a broad range of natural ingredients and versatile product ideas for confectionery and baked goods that not only taste great but are also made using only plant-based ingredients.
One example of this is the fruity refreshment provided by our “Smoothie bowl – Tropical” with natural ingredients. The interplay of fine fruit purees in exciting flavours such as banana, pineapple and mango, as well as a crunchy topping of freeze-dried fruits and nuts creates a multi-layered taste sensation. Meanwhile, the “SmoGo” is the perfect snack for between meals. Inspired by the smoothie bowl, this practical to-go variant is prepared with water and is therefore completely free from milk – a true joy for all the senses!

“Plant-based fruit cakes” also provide a convincing answer to the trend towards purely plant-based nutrition. Inspired by smoothies and cheesecake, this innovation is based on coconut, which, combined with a diverse range of smoothie preparations containing fruit and vegetables, creates a pleasantly creamy mouthfeel.

On top of all this, many consumers are looking for food with optimal nutritional profiles, which are geared to their individual needs and can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle. The demand for products with functional ingredients is therefore also growing in the confectionery and baked goods segment. At ProSweets, Döhler will present an innovative caramel-flavoured muesli enriched with plant-based proteins from rice and beans. These proteins are highly soluble and impress with their outstanding sensory profile. The addition of protein crisps results in a protein content of 21%, which substantiates the “high protein” claim, while chocolate malt crunch, caramel granules and a natural caramel flavour ensure a delicious taste. Alongside this, the company will present a “power-up porridge” made of oats enriched with a functional mixture of raspberry, baobab and acerola powder – a portion of just 50 grams covers the entire daily vitamin C requirement of an adult, which is mainly due to the standardised vitamin C content of 34% in the acerola powder.

Our comprehensive portfolio of sweetening solutions, which enable sugar reduction of up to 100%, is complemented by a new range of MultiSense® Flavours. These can be used to achieve significant sugar reduction without having to use sweeteners, or to significantly improve the taste and mouthfeel of reduced sugar products. Visitors to the Döhler trade fair stand can find harmonious taste profiles in numerous applications, including “protein cookies” with caramel flavour and chia seeds, as well as reduced sugar fruit gums with a natural raspberry flavour.

“WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE.” – Visitors to ProSweets 2019 are cordially invited to indulge in the latest confectionery innovations and pick up new inspirations for their own product concepts at the Döhler stand.

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Press release Döhler at ProSweets 2019