Innovative Snacks – Natural ingredients & healthy added value

Eating sweet and savoury snacks is all about enjoyment, indulgence and taste – but there is more. As well as an outstanding multi-sensory experience, the crucial criteria in consumers’ purchasing decisions also include naturalness and healthy added value. With its wide range of Dry Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients, Botanical Extracts and Plant-based Ingredients, Döhler offers high-quality natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the new age of snacking. 

Unique Multi-Sensory Experiences® 
The desire to try something new drives consumers all over the world. Consumers are increasingly looking for new flavours, new textures, products with extraordinary colours, and ultimately the emotional enjoyment that comes from “Multi-Sensory Experiences®”.

When it comes to unique confectionery and baked goods, Döhler offers a wide range of natural and premium ingredients in the form of whole dried fruits and vegetables, crunchy fruit pieces and crispy fruit granules. They all make chocolate creations, muesli bars and cereals a truly indulgent experience. The Dry Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients are based on natural raw materials and high-quality, carefully selected fruit and vegetable varieties. Extremely gentle drying technologies ensure that the shape, colour and taste are optimally retained, allowing Döhler to provide innovative solutions in various forms for a large number of applications in an enormous range of flavours. The result? Innovative snacks that stimulate all the senses! 

Cookie dough is one of those truly multi-sensory experience: a spoonable unbaked cookie dough made without eggs or baking powder, so it can be eaten raw. While Coffee Cookie Dough is enriched with delicious cappuccino granules, Döhler’s mango, raspberry and strawberry fruit granules and pieces lend the cookie dough a unique fruity taste and appealing look. 

Healthy nutritional value through the power of nature 
Consumers all over the world are becoming more and more interested in innovative snacks with healthy added value that taste good and are natural at the same time. Individual product solutions with nutritious and high-quality ingredients are key to meeting consumers’ requirements. Nature provides a tremendous diversity of plants that contain health-supporting substances. Döhler offers its customers a broad portfolio of high-quality 

botanical extracts and full spectrum plant powders, which provide health-promoting additional benefits, unlock unique taste experiences and are 100%  natural. The portfolio includes, among other things, African extracts from baobab, moringa leaves and honeybush. The high-quality extracts impress thanks to a naturally fresh taste, and also provide inspiration for healthy and trendy product positionings. Döhler also offers mixtures of plant-based proteins. These consist of a special combination of pulse (pea and bean) and cereal (rice and oat) proteins that supply the body with all the essential amino acids it needs – and taste good, too. Thanks to the use of proteins from high-quality raw materials, supplemented by natural MultiSense Masking compositions, the final products – from cereal bars to snack drinks – are characterised by outstanding multi-sensory properties.

Another major trend is baked goods refined with vegetable ingredients. Be it croissants with savoury fillings, bread with vegetable granules or a crispy quiche with different vegetables, all the products impress the consumer with a unique taste and characteristically natural appearance. Döhler’s Dry Vegetable Ingredients in freeze-dried form provide an especially crispy touch, authentic colour and optimum vegetable taste to everything from baked goods to muesli, muesli snacks and pralines. 

Plant-based nutrition with healthy added value
Whether for ethical, ecological or health-related reasons, more and more people are cutting out animal products and choosing a purely plant-based diet. This trend is also evident in the snacking industry. There is a need for pioneering concepts that unlock new resources and prospects for worldwide supply. When it comes to plant-based products, many consumers are looking not only for good nutritional values, but also an impressive sensory profile. Thanks to its broad portfolio of plant-based ingredients, Döhler is able to provide the consumer with a wide range of different flavours. As well as a comprehensive range of premium fruit and vegetable ingredients, the company also offers natural dairy-free ingredients based on oats, rice, coconut, almond, cashew or hazelnut, which are ideal for lactose-free and non-dairy products thanks to their perfectly-balanced multi-sensory profile. Examples include a fruity and exotic Super Plant Drink with coconut and spicy notes of ginger, pepper and cinnamon, and a fruity dessert with an almond or rice base and plant-based proteins. 

With their fruity taste and based on purely plant-based ingredients, smoothies have also been impressing consumers for years. The trend products are now available in a huge range of varieties and forms. Now, a new generation of this practical snack is conquering the market! Smoothie bowls are the ideal solution for a healthy snack.  The spoonable smoothies from 100% fruit and vegetables are not just delicious, but look great, too! From spoonable smoothies with crispy toppings to all-in-one smoothie drinks with fruit pieces, this healthy snack can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The “SmoGo” is another perfect snack for between meals. Inspired by the smoothie bowl, this practical to-go variant is easily prepared with water and is therefore completely dairy-free – a true joy for all the senses! 

As a provider of complete ingredient systems and integrated solutions, Döhler’s primary focus is on the development of innovative concepts that are not just healthy, but also impress with excellent taste and outstanding quality. In line with the company slogan, “We bring ideas to life.”, Döhler develops custom complete solutions, processes and innovations for its customers – from the field to the supermarket shelves.


Professional article: The next generation of innovative snacks | Marketing & Food Technology, 05-2019

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