Natural, diverse and strictly plant-based Indulgent nutrition with healthy added value

Increasing numbers of consumers are rethinking their position: food should no longer just taste good, but should also provide healthy added value. Döhler provides the food and beverage industry with an innovative portfolio of natural, plant-based and functional ingredients. As healthy as they are tasty, these ingredients are the ideal foundation for developing trendy products in line with the spirit of the times.

Ever fewer consumers are being swayed by the packaging design when selecting products off the supermarket shelves. Instead, they are taking a closer look and are making their purchasing decision based on the declared ingredients. Does the product contain artificial additives? Is it free of animal-based ingredients? Manufacturers are often required to comprehensively reposition their product range in order to actively and competitively meet this trend head-on in their area. 

Alongside lactose intolerance, ethical or religious reasons, curiosity for something new and the search for exciting taste sensations often lead people to purchase plant-based products. Against this background Döhler, a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry, offers a wide range of plant-based and delicious ingredients that allow the production of excellent quality products.

A harmonious combination of health and taste
Plant-based, natural, healthy added value and pure indulgence – these are the product demands of current consumers. To be able to provide these different and innovative taste directions, Döhler has a large portfolio of plant-based ingredients. These include applications based on almonds, hazelnuts or cashews with mild and velvety textures, ones with a creamy coconut base as well as mildly sweet products based on rice or oats. All natural ingredients have their own individual flavour notes and create new and exciting taste sensations, both on their own, or in combination with other ingredients, while also being dairy-free and lactose-free.

The comprehensive portfolio of plant-based ingredients and natural flavours enables product concepts for a wide range of tastes and requirements. Coconut impresses with its exotically refreshing taste and creamy texture, setting it apart from rice and oats, which feature a mild sweetness and can be enjoyed in a bowl of muesli in the morning, for example. Preparations based on almonds are primarily characterised by a mild and nutty taste, making them ideal for desserts, among other things.  

The large portfolio of plant-based ingredients is the ideal foundation for developing numerous foods and beverages – whether plant-based drinks, desserts and ice cream products, or tasty sandwich spreads, which are equal to familiar cream cheese or cheese spreads in the aspects of functionality and sensory properties. These can also be supplemented by individual components and are a delicious taste sensation. In addition, they are even high in plant-based proteins. 

Cereals, fruits and botanical extracts 
The potential uses for the variety of tastes and the combination of different textures are unlimited. Options include diverse natural ingredients, such as cereals, fruits or botanical extracts for diverse and delicious smoothies, drinks or desserts, from the trendy superfruit acerola and moringa or goji berries with their high vitamin contents, to chocolate, caramel or vanilla. Whether crunchy, fruity, sweet or spicy, only products which are both healthy and tasty and which meet the wishes of the consumers end up on your plate or in your glass. Döhler also has a comprehensive range of natural ingredients according to personal preference.

Plant-based protein enrichment
Those looking not only to avoid dairy products but also to omit animal proteins should use high-quality plant-based proteins as a replacement. Proteins are tremendously important for the human body. Protein enrichment is one of the most important claims in the food and beverage industry – no longer just for sports, energy or dietary products, but also in a variety of everyday foods and beverages. 

The company therefore also offers a large selection of functional and health-promoting ingredients alongside its plant-based products. This segment includes plant-based proteins such as those made from peas, rice and beans. These can replace animal proteins and can also be used by the food and beverage industry as an additional source of protein for enrichment.

The right combination of protein from the different vegetable sources allows excellent multi-sensory results and an optimised nutrition profile containing all essential amino acids. Depending on the recipe, a product’s taste profile can be further refined with fruit components or natural flavours to ultimately create a thoroughly impressive multi-sensory experience.

As a provider of complete ingredient systems and integrated solutions, Döhler’s primary focus is on the development of innovative concepts. In line with the company slogan, “We bring ideas to life.”, Döhler develops custom complete solutions, processes and innovations for its customers – from the field to the supermarket shelves.


Professional article: Natural, diverse and strictly plant-based Indulgent nutrition with healthy added value | DEI - Die Ernährungsindustrie, 09-2019

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