BAT & Guaiacol Detection Kit

BAT & Guaiacol Detection Kit alicyclobacilli and guaiacol-forming alicyclobacilli

For the quantitative and qualitative detection and identification of alicyclobacilli and guaiacol-forming alicyclobacilli that cause off-flavours

Product description

Alicyclobacilli are aerobic, acidophilic and thermophilic, spore-forming bacteria that occur naturally in soil. They can enter the production process via spores on the surface of windfall fruit. There, they can survive the pasteurisation process and continue to grow vegetatively under optimal conditions. The appearance of the product itself remains immaculate – there is no gas formation or discolouration. 

Some Alicyclobacillus strains can produce guaiacol, which causes a strong off-flavour in juices and beverages containing fruit juice. This flavour has a chemical smell similar comparable to disinfectant. According to the latest scientific expertise, A. acidoterrestris, A. acidiphilus und A. herbarius have the potential to produce off-flavours. 

Further Alicyclobacillus strains such as A. acidocaldarius and A. pomorum, which cannot produce off-flavours in beverages, therefore have less or no potential for beverage spoiling.

As even low quantities of bacteria can result in the products being spoiled, it is especially important to detect not only Alicyclobacilli in general, but also to identify the guaiacol-forming species without any doubt.

Consisting of ready-to-use BAT Culture Media and the enzymatic Guaiacol Detection Kit, the comprehensive solution allows guaiacol-producing alicyclobacilli to be detected quickly and reliably. This simple detection complies with IFU (International Fruit Juice Union) Method No.12 “Method on Detection of taint producing Alicyclobacillus in Fruit Juices”. 

BAT Culture Media and the Guaiacol Detection Kit are suitable for beverages containing juice with a pH of less than 4.5, such as<br/>

  • hot and cold filled fruit juices,
  • fruit juice concentrates,
  • compounds and
  • sugar.

BAT® Culture Media include the following products and can be used in combination with the Guaiacol Detection Kit:

BAT Broth (pH 4.0 ± 0.2)

Ready-to-use selective liquid medium for pre-enrichment for fast trace detection

  • Direct use as ready-to-use liquid medium
  • Use for sample enrichment, specifically also for cloudy samples and beverage raw materials

BAT Agar (pH 4.0 ± 0.2)

Ready-to-use selective agar for isolation of Alicyclobacilli

  • Reduced preparation time thanks to direct liquefaction in the bottle
  • Use for membrane filtration, swab and pour plate procedures

In combination with the Guaiacol Detection Kit

Reliable and sensitive enzymatic detection of guaiacol-forming alicyclobacilli

When guaiacol-forming bacteria are present, the transparent to slightly yellow guaiacol is transformed into the clearly-visible, brownish complex tetraguaiacol with the enzyme peroxidase from the Detection Kit. 

  • Comprehensive Detection Kit including BAT Broth in tubes and Guaiacol Standard Solution
  • Simple visual analysis without additional technical equipment

BAT Culture Media and the Guaiacol Detection Kit offer you the following user benefits:

  • Flexible formats for immediate use – ready-to-use culture media and clear enzymatic detection of Alicyclobacilli that produce off-flavours
  • Fast results – specific growth-promoting components and nutrients for fast bacterial growth 
  • Simple screening –  enzymatic transformation of colourless guaiacol into brown-coloured complexes for simple and reliable visual analysis

Order information

Product nameOrder numberDescriptionContent
BAT-A2.04719.782Selective agar for isolation
of Alicyclobacilli 
Basic nutrient medium
for membrane filtration and
swab procedures
9 x 250 ml
BAT-B2.04717.782Selective liquid medium
for fast trace detection
Sample enrichment – especially
in cloudy beverages
and beverage raw materials
9 x 250 ml
Guaiacol Detection Kit2.04737.991Enzymatic kit for the
detection of Alicyclobacilli
forming off-flavours
40 tubes

Basic information on BAT-A

pH valueIncubation T [°C]Duration (days)
4.0 +/- 0.2463

Storage and shipping information on BAT-A

Storage temperature T [°C]Shelf life (months)

Packaging information on BAT-A

9 x 250 mlGlass bottles in cardboard box

Basic information on BAT-B

pH valueIncubation T [°C]Duration (days)
4.0 +/- 0.2463

Storage and shipping information on BAT-B

Storage temperature T [°C]Shelf life (months)

Packaging information on BAT-B

9 x 250 mlGlass bottles in cardboard box

Basic information on the Guaiacol Detection Kit

pH valueIncubation T [°C]Duration (days)

Storage and shipping information on the Guaiacol Detection Kit

Storage temperature T [°C]Shelf life (months)

Packaging information on the Guaiacol Detection Kit

40 glass tubes x 2 ml BAT Broth
50 ml buffer solution
900 µl hydrogen peroxide solution Enzyme as lyophilisate
2 x guaiacol standard solution
Polystyrene box
Plastic bottle
Screw-top tubes Screw-top tubes
Screw-top tubes

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