The reliable, fast and universal enrichment for the PCR detection of beer spoiling bacteria

NBB®-PCR Broth

The NBB®-PCR Broth is suitable for the enrichment and subsequent PCR or real-time PCR analysis of

  • yeast samples
  • yeast-turbid beers
  • filtered beers
  • water and rinsing water
  • airborne microorganism sampling
  • swab samples for hygiene monitoring

Product description

For more than 30 years, Döhler has been offering innovative, ready-to-use culture media under its NBB® brand for the fast and reliable trace detection of beer spoiling bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, Pedicoccus, Pectinatus and Megasphaera, in all samples collected in breweries.

The newly developed and ready-to-use NBB®-PCR Broth now enables optimized enrichment of these beer spoiling bacteria for detection using molecular biological methods such as PCR or real-time PCR. Regardless of the PCR or real-time PCR system you use, NBB®-PCR broth is always compatible and designed for universal use.

The NBB®-PCR Broth offers you the following benefits:

  • Reliable detection without false positive results
  • Fast enrichment within 48 to 72 hours
  • Universal medium for all brewery samples and all detection systems
  • Designed for immediate use

In addition to conventional culture methods, molecular biological detection of beer spoiling bacteria is increasingly gaining importance. Besides fast and reliable approvals, the option of identifying existing microorganisms, down to their species is the driving force to establishthis procedure at breweries.

Reliable detection through optimised production processes and complete quality control

Efficient and selective enrichment of microorganisms continues to be necessary despite the increased sensitivity of the molecular biological methods. Because culture media consist of natural raw materials, the risk of DNA from beer spoiling bacteria is already being present in the medium during production. This DNA would generate “false positive” results for the analysed samples during detection.

Using a specially optimised production process, Döhler ensures that the ready-to-use NBB®-PCR Broth does not contain any DNA from beer spoiling bacteria.
This is continuously tested and certified by using a strict and complete quality control, from raw materials to end products.

Fast enrichment even of slowly growing beer spoiling bacteria

With the optimised nutrient combination and the exclusion of ingredients inhibiting or interfering with PCR or real-time PCR, even enrichment of slowly growing microorganisms such as Lactobacillus lindneri or Pediococcus damnosus is possible within 48 to 72 hours. The ratio of growth substances and inhibitors in the medium ensures optimum selectivity, which has been confirmed in numerous analyses.

Strictly anaerobic beer spoiling bacteria such as Pectinatus and Megasphaera can also be detected in this period of time. The detection limit is also strongly influenced by the PCR or real-time PCR detection system used – i.e. purification, subsequent detection, as well as by the thermal cycler itself – rather than being solely dependent on the enrichment method.

Universal medium for all samples in a brewery and for detection with all PCR or real-time PCR systems available on the market

The ready-to-use NBB®-PCR broth is suitable for detecting microorganism in all samples collected in breweries. Whether you need to detect beer spoiling bacteria in yeasts, such as propagation and harvesting yeasts, or in filterable and yeast-turbid beer, NBB®-PCR Broth can be used universally with all samples.

Detection performed using all PCR or real-time PCR systems available on the market has shown that NBB®-PCR Broth is a suitable pre-enrichment medium for all of these systems. NBB®-PCR can be used as an enrichment medium – regardless of the PCR or real-time PCR detection system you choose or have chosen.

NBB®-PCR Broth is ready-to-use and can be used immediately. Cumbersome and time-consuming weighing, dissolving, adjusting the pH and autoclaving is a thing of the past – and by using specific test strains, we have already taken care of the extensive quality control for you.

Order information

Product nameOrder numberDescriptionContent
NBB®-PCR Broth7.85420.782Ready-to-use liquid culture
Enrichment for the PCR or real-
time PCR detection of beer
spoiling bacteria
9 x 250 ml

Basic information for NBB®-PCR

pH valueIncubation T [°C]Duration (days)
5.7 (+/- 0.2)282 to 3

Storage and shipping information for NBB®-PCR broth

Storage temperature T [°C]Shelf life (months)

Packaging information NBB®-PCR broth

9 x 250 mlGlass bottles in cardboard box

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