Non-alcoholic beverage-spoiling microorganisms

Fast qualitative detection, pre-enrichment and quantitative determination of the total viable count of beverage-spoiling microorganisms

SSL Broth and OFS Agar are suitable for your analysis of:

  • non-alcoholic beverages pH < 4.5, including fruit juices 
  • beer, wine & milk mix beverages
  • fruit juice concentrates
  • beverage compounds
  • beverage powders and extracts
  • sugar  
  • rinsing water samples
  • membrane filtered samples

Product description

Ready-to-use SSL Broth can be used to cultivate acid-tolerant microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria, yeasts and moulds from non-alcoholic beverages.
It allows the enrichment of even large sample volumes.
SSL Broth can also be used for pre-enrichment with detection on OFS Agar.

Based on orange serum agar, ready-to-use OFS Agar allows the quantitative detection of acid-tolerant microorganisms, for example in fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates.

SSL Broth and OFS Agar offer the following user benefits:

  • Ready to use – direct use as a liquid medium or liquefaction of the agar in the bottle
  • Universally applicable – selective enrichment alone or in combination with agar
  • Reliable results after 2-3 days – simple detection of acid-tolerant microorganisms

Order information

Product nameOrder numberDescriptionContent
SSL Broth2.04712.782Selective liquid medium
Sample enrichment and qualitative detection
9 x 250 ml
OFS Agar2.0407.782Selective agar for cultivation and determining the total viable count
Basic nutrient medium for membrane filtration,
pour plate and streaking method
9 x 250 ml

Basic information on SSL

pH value Incubation T [°C]Duration (days)
5.0 +/-0.2282

Basic information on OFS

pH value Incubation T [°C]Duration (days)
5.0 +/- 0.2283

Storage and shipping information

Storage temperature T [°C]Shelf life (months)

Packaging information

9 x 250 mlGlass bottles in cardboard box

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