TransFast® System

Non-alcoholic beverage spoiling microorganisms

Easy-to-use comprehensive solution for the qualitative detection of non-alcoholic beverage spoiling microorganisms results in less than 48 hours.

The TransFast® System is suitable for your qualitative analysis of:

  • ready-to-drink beverages
  • beverage compounds
  • fruit juice concentrates
  • rinsing water samples
  • membrane filtered samples

Product description

The TransFast® system is the reliable and fast cultural method for the qualitative detection of yeasts, moulds, lactic and acetic acid bacteria in beverages with a pH < 4.5 in less than 48 hours.

While in classic detection, the agar has to be liquefied and poured into Petri dishes, the carrier system for TransFast® is a transparent, pourable gel. Usually pre-enriched in TransFast® Broth, the sample is filled into a transparent tube together with the TransFast® Gel and incubated.

Depending on the bacterial contamination, first results can be seen after just 24 hours. This allows a comprehensive detection and provides results in a shorter incubation time.

Another innovation is the TransFast® Incubation Lightbox, an incubation cupboard with interior lighting. The direct lighting of the transparent sample allows any contamination to be identified in seconds. Each beverage-spoiling microorganism, whether it is bacteria, yeast or mould, has a unique appearance. Time-consuming preparation and analysis of Petri dishes is a thing of the past!

TransFast® - Method

  Water  Beverages Beverage raw material   Membran filtered samples
DMD® culture media Rising water

Clear beverages < 10% Saft

Clear beverages > 10% Cloudy beverages Beverage compunds Fruit juice concentrates Membran filtered samples
 TransFast® Broth - - 4 + 1 (sample+ broth) z. B. 200 ml + 50 ml 1 + 2 (sample + broth) z. B. 40 ml + 80 ml -
 TransFast® Gel 20 ml sample + 50 ml TF-Gel in TF tube 5 ml sample + 50 ml TF-Gel in TF tube 1 ml of enriched sample + 50 ml TF-Gel in TF tube 1 ml of enriched sample + 50 ml TF-Gel in TF tube Membrane filter, rolled+ 50 ml TF-Gel in TF tube
 TransFast® Incubation Lightbox 27-29 °C, < 48 h 27-29 °C, < 48 h 27-29 °C, < 72 h 27-29 °C, < 72 h 27-29 °C, < 48 h
  • Large sample volumes for increased detection reliability
  • Reliable detection of trace contamination by initialising fast growth
  • Shorter preparation time
  • Reduced number of false negative results
  • No time-consuming liquefaction or working with hot medium
  • Accelerated growth through optimum supply of nutrients
  • Direct detection through visual analysis of the gel
  • No time-consuming training of laboratory staff
  • Simple screening during incubation
  • Constant, effortless monitoring
  • Macroscopic microorganisms recognition based on a specific turbidity

The TransFast® System offers you the following user benefits:

  • Ready-to-use – no need to liquefy or temper the medium 
  • Fast results – detection of yeasts, moulds and bacteria in less than 48 hours 
  • Simple screening – visual evaluation at a glance 
  • Increased efficiency – direct use and simple handling

“The highest product safety in our beverages, many of which are produced without preservatives, is our top priority.
Quality control with TransFast®, which allows the use of large sample volumes, meets these standards very comprehensively and reliably. Its simple handling and the quick and simple analysis without the need for an expert makes it suitable for routine use in our quality control.”

Ms Scheiber, Head of Microbiology; MineralBrunnen RhönSprudel

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