Sabouraud 4% Dextrose Agar

Agar for the quantitative detection of yeast, mould and bacteria in beverage industry

Product description

Sabouraud 4% Dextrose Agar (pH 5.6 ± 0.2) is a non-selective, ready-to-use isolation medium for the cultivation of pathogen and non-pathogen yeasts and moulds. It is also used to determine the total bacterial count of yeasts and moulds in hygiene monitoring. 

SDA Agar (also known as Sabouraud 4% Glucose Agar) meets the guidelines of the

EN ISO 111333 for the microbiological investigation of food, animal feed and water, in which the SDA Agar is described as the main reference medium for conducting quantitative testing of culture media for yeast and mould.

Its composition complies with the recommendations of the harmonised United States Pharmacopeia (USP) method, the European Pharmacopeia (EP) and the Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP) for the microbiological investigation of non-sterile products. 

Order information

Product nameOrder numberDescriptionContent
Sabouraud 4% Dextrose Agar 8.43327.244Sabouraud 4% Dextrose Agar 
Application: quantitative detection of yeast,
mould and bacteria
6 x 200 ml

Basic information

pH value Incubation T [°C]Duration (days)
5.6 +/-0.2303-5

Storage and shipping information

Storage temperature T [°C]Shelf life (months)

Packaging information

6 x 200 mlGlass bottles in cardboard box

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