Client Comments

Our participants will best explain to you the added value provided from our seminars.

Wolfgang Rommel, Head of Marketing & Communication

 Milch-Union Hocheifel eg

We have had excellent experiences preparing and executing consumer tests together with Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science. We especially value the efficient and dedicated way in which the Döhler team caters to the particular requirements of our company. This allows projects to be executed quickly and efficiently. The test results influenced our internal decision-making processes and will continue to do so in future.

Diana Amui, Product Development & Sensory Specialist

 FrieslandCampina Innovation

The practical seminar in sensory science is based on the latest scientific discoveries and was therefore very helpful in updating our knowledge. The expert speakers were able to answer any question that came up and were open to discussion and comments.

Paul Högg, Technical Advisor

 Sinalco International Brands GmbH & Co. KG

We were able to take excellent and useful approaches from the seminar, especially regarding the execution and evaluation of differentiation tests. Not least about which sensory testing processes are a good idea when, and how the results can be integrated usefully and in interaction with product development.

Ronald Brand, Manager Laboratory and Quality Control/ Operational Control

 Hassia Mineralquellen GmbH & Co. KG

As part of our IFS certification and due to internal training measures, we planned an external training course for all laboratory staff involved in sensory science. However, off-site training was not an option for us, since laboratory staff must always be present to monitor ongoing production. The specialists from Döhler SCS were very accommodating in this and provided a tailor-made solution for our production operations, which catered especially to our requests and requirements. The seminar succeeded in refreshing and deepening the staff\'s knowledge and really benefited the entire laboratory team. This seminar met all our expectations and we would be happy to recommend it to others.

Sebastian Riedel, Sales Marketing

 Ehrmann AG

In Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science, we have found a competent partner in product innovation, who help us to gain important insights into consumers and market potential within a short space of time, using a combined taste and concept test. The excellent preparation of the test results and the recommendation for action provided an excellent basis for decision-making. The efficient execution of the tests helped us to implement the project more quickly.

Kerstin Müller and Susanne Esser, branch of Oettinger Brauerei GmbH

Brauerei Mönchengladbach

We were very impressed by this extremely well-organised seminar. We particularly liked the fact that the basic theoretical knowledge was backed up immediately with practical tastings. By taking part in the Döhler Sensory Science seminar, we gained a good overview of the different sensory tests and will be able to apply and evaluate them in a targeted way during the tastings planned at our brewery.

Ilse Bähren, branch of Oettinger Brauerei GmbH

 Brauerei Mönchengladbach

The information on conducting tastings was particularly helpful for me, since I am responsible for organising tastings at our company. This was taught through realistic and relevant tests during the seminar. We were shown everything we have to be aware of (external influencing factors, sample labelling, use of dark-coloured glasses etc.). All in all, this knowledge will lead to much more meaningful testing results for us. My senses were also sensitised and I am convinced that this will be helpful for tastings in the future.

Kristin Burghardt

Salitos Brewing Company

Thanks to its exciting structure, the comprehensive material and the outstanding lecturers, the Döhler sensory seminar proved to be a great success. I absolutely recommend it!

Erika Wieder

 MBG International Premium Brands GmbH

I would like to commend the two speakers (Ms. Schönberger and Mr. Biedekarken) for the seminar and the way it was structured, which was very interesting. I was able to gather a whole host of ideas for my daily work in the structure of tasting/evaluation area etc. Moreover, the seminar showed me just how important a trained tasters panel really is. All in all I am very happy to have participated in the seminar and can wholeheartedly recommend it..

Dr. Birgit Guilleaume

 Gelita AG

The seminar offers an in-depth insight into the sensory analysis of food. I accepted the offer of bringing along my own products to have them tested by specialists and participants, and the result was truly insightful. The bottom line: I was able to gain many different suggestions on the execution and evaluation of sensory tests which I will be able to integrate into current and future projects.

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