Cereal & Malt Ingredients for beer brewing

with your own brewhouse or none at all.

Whether you have already been brewing for a long time or wish to enter beer production without large investment costs, Döhler offers you tailor-made solutions that allow you to increase the efficiency of your processes and the quality of your beers in a purely natural way.

What makes Döhler Cereal & Malt Ingredients the smarter choice for beer production.

A wide variety of options for simplifying, optimising and increasing the efficiency of beer production.

Significant improvement of beer quality.

Brewing high-quality beer without a brewhouse.

Our tailor-made products for beer production.

Sour Wort

The simple and efficient solution for reducing the pH value of mash and/or wort naturally in compliance with the German Purity Law.

  • A number of positive effects on the quality of mash and wort, e.g. an increase in enzyme activity and a larger extract yield
  • Shorter fermentation times leading to higher capacity without additional investment
  • Significantly enhanced beer quality, especially in terms of taste stability and drinkability
  • Allows mash and wort acidification without the installation of costly equipment
Wort Concentrates

The alternative solution for the production of high-quality beers without a brewhouse and for increasing capacity.

  • Unhopped full wort concentrates for an individual hopping rate during boiling
  • Hopped partial wort concentrates for direct fermentation with individual yeasts
  • Broad portfolio for many beer types including lager, pils, wheat beer, light beer, ale, rye or stout
  • Gluten-free wort concentrates for safe and reliable production of gluten-free beers
  • Simple and efficient solutions regarding yeast propagation and nutrient addition

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