Pulses & Cereal Ingredients for food

Improve the taste, colour,

mouthfeel, nutritional value and freshness of your food.

Be it bread, biscuits, muesli, bars or milk products – with cereal & malt ingredients from Döhler, you can optimise the sensory and nutritional properties of your product range in a purely natural way.

What makes Döhler Cereal & Malt Ingredients the smarter choice for food.

Your sensory added value

  • Sweet, malty or even toasted taste notes without flavour additives
  • Intensifying the sensory profile of baked goods
  • Creating nuances and finishing touches for flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, caramel and nut in confectionery
  • Balanced sweetness profiles and possible substitution of refined sugar
  • Natural colouring of food products
  • Improving the texture and crispness of baked goods
  • Compensating for the sensory disadvantages of gluten-free products with gluten-free barley malt extracts

Your nutritional added value

  • Higher mineral and vitamin content compared to refined sugar
  • Optimised nutritional profiles through the targeted adjustment of the sugar spectrums of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides

Your technological added value

  • Faster dough preparation through accelerated yeast activity
  • Optimised baking times and more consistent baking results
  • Extended shelf-life through increased water-binding capacity

Our tailor-made products for your food applications.

Cereal & Malt Extracts

Liquid, highly-viscous extracts for improving the taste, texture and nutritional value and optimising your production processes

Special Cereal & Malt extracts for Sweetening

Balanced sweetness profiles and refined sugar substitution

Gluten-free Barley Malt Extracts

Improving gluten-free foods

Malt Extracts with Intense Colours

For natural colouring as well as emphasizing browning during the baking process

Cereal & Malt Extract Powders

Dried extracts for improving the taste, texture and nutritional value as well as for optimising your production processes

Malt Extract Chocolate Crunches

The crunchy alternative for fillings, toppings and coatings

Malt Chocolate Powder

The product base for malt cocoa beverages

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