Our Services & Solutions

Our services & solutions – your integrated service package

  • Innovation Service: Development of new products
  • Sensory & Consumer Science
  • Analytical & Technical Services

In addition to a large product portfolio and innovative product applications, a spectrum of services is also a key component of Döhler's Integrated Food & Beverage Solutions. 

This service package comprises our support for the entire duration of the development process right up to the production of the final product. In other words: From the idea to the store shelf.

In this manner and by employing a methodical, networked innovation process, we develop a large number of new products every year in collaboration with our customers and bring them into market. However, in the early stage of product development it is necessary to collect data on the market and its consumers. We acquire the knowledge about consumer's taste preferences from various market studies and consumer analyses conducted by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science.

As soon as the product is ready to be launched on the market, you have access to our technical customer services, which will assist you during the first filling or provide advice with regard to recipe modifications or mixing products. Furthermore, our accredited laboratory supports you with analyses of your ready-to-drink beverages.

In short: An integrated service package for your success!