With our Ingredient Systems. choose the simplest, safest and most efficient route to food and beverage production.

Discover tailor-made all-in-one systems for perfect, multi-sensory taste sensations.

The more layers your product has, the more complex it becomes to procure the ingredients. Researching certified suppliers, price comparisons, negotiations, supply contracts and storage are all huge challenges. In addition, you need technological expertise on the compatibility of the individual ingredients. Our ingredient systems save you this whole laborious process, giving you all the ingredients you need in a stable and standardised system. Rely on tailor-made product properties and the reassuring knowledge that your beverage or food will meet your consumers’ expectations today and every day.

What makes Döhler’s Ingredient Systems the smarter choice for your products:

  • Simplified, convenient and reliable production processes
  • All the key components such as flavour, colour, sweetening and functional ingredients in one ingredient system
  • Perfectly-coordinated formulations
  • Consistent, standardised quality in your products
  • Reduction of production errors
  • Resource-efficient processing

Use added value from Döhler and Choose the ideal Ingredient System for your production.

As a global producer of natural ingredients, we offer you all the components for your food and beverages from one source. Our all-in-one ingredient systems contain all the ingredients you need in a stable and standardised composition – from juice concentrates and natural colours and flavours to perfect sweetening.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our development expertise in almost every food and beverage category, we know how individual components behave together and what needs to be considered in formulation. This is how we guarantee products that remain absolutely stable, attractive to look at and pleasant tasting right to the end of their shelf life.

Both the cultivation and the processing of our raw materials are subject to the same high quality standards worldwide, allowing us to supply you with the high-quality ingredient systems you want reliably.

Measures such as our own fruit and vegetable processing, contract cultivation, long-term partnerships and constant observation of global raw materials prices allow us to provide you with our ingredient systems in outstanding quality at low prices.

Storing raw materials is laborious, as it causes constant costs and checks, while your capital remains tied up. Ingredient systems from Döhler save you expensive storage and unnecessary costs.

Our ingredient systems make the product processes needed to get to your finished product significantly simpler. There is no need to convert your production facilities and raw materials are used efficiently.

In close cooperation with our experts from Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science and our Market Intelligence team, we have already successfully developed many foods and beverages for our customers and placed them effectively on the market. We will be glad to support you in your next product innovation with integrated services. Our services include market intelligence, trend monitoring, consulting in food safety issues and much more.

We provide you with ingredient systems that are ready to fill and apply and tailored to the requirements of your production plants. You receive the exact quantity you need – as a just-in-time delivery and drop-in solution.

Choose from the perfect natural ingredients for your requirements.

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, integrated:

Discover Döhler’s portfolio for Ingredient Systems.

Tailored all-in-one solutions.

Be it flavours, colours, sweetening or fruit juice concentrates, our ingredient systems contain all the ingredients you need for your ready-to-consume food and beverages – coordinated accurately and tailored to the particular taste preferences of your consumers.

We offer you compounds that contain all the vital ingredients for efficient, safe food and bevrage production and simplified storage, carefully tailored to one another.

We supply compounds for:

Non-alcoholic beverages 

Alcoholic beverages

Emulsions give your beverage the desired cloudiness and an authentic colour and taste. We have been perfecting the development of innovative emulsion systems for decades. For example, we are experts in stable oil-in-water emulsions, while our portfolio also includes flavour, colour, clouding and texturising emulsions, as well as all-in-one beverage emulsions for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


We supply emulsions for:

Our customer-specific fruit preparations are ideally tailored to your product and contain all ingredients that provide taste and colour, such as fruit pieces and purees, natural colours and flavours, and various sweetening solutions. pH-neutral preparations like caramel and chocolate sauces are part of our standard portfolio. Innovative technologies can minimise interface phenomena between the white mass and the preparation, like migration, diffusion and synaeresis. The preparation remains stable and ideally prepared for further processing throughout the shelf life.

We supply preparations for:

Syrups contain all the ingredients a beverage needs – all you have to do is add water. This simple handling is ideally suited to the food service segment, as we supply your syrup in tailored packaging solutions for your applications – from bag-in-box to PET and cardboard packaging.

We supply syrups for:

Non-alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages

Dairy products

Döhler offers a perfectly-coordinated tea and coffee portfolio of extracts, concentrates and strong infusions for your applications in the food and beverage segment. As well as standard products, our range also includes innovative ingredient solutions such as cold-extracted tea and coffee extracts and brewed teas. Our extensive access to a large number of raw materials allow us to provide you with both specially-tailored mixtures and single-variety qualities with a wide range of positioning and claim options.

We supply tea & coffee ingredients for:

Non-alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages

food applications

Spices give your products that special something and create unique taste sensations. Based on our comprehensive knowledge of natural ingredients and product applications, we developed an extensive portfolio of authentic and spicy preparations for the food and beverage industry as well as for food service. Whether sour cream dips, cottage cheese, pestos, soups or sauces – the ready-to-use preparations of spices, vegetables and fruits give every product exciting depth of flavour. Use the potential of these products and spice up your portfolio!

We supply Spicy Solutions for:

Dairy products, e.g.:

  • Cream cheese
  • Cottage cheese
  • Greek yoghurt dip


“Ready-to-eat” products, e.g.:

  • Sauces: Fajita, teriyaki
  • Ketchup
  • Soups
  • Pizza sauces
  • Dips
  • Dressings
  • Pesto
  • Marinades

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