We act responsibly

As a globally active company, Döhler takes responsibility for ethical behaviour. We commit ourselves to long-term and sustainable action and make our contribution to overcoming the economic, social and ecological challenges in the world.

In our "Code of Conduct" we have defined a binding guideline for ethical and legally compliant behaviour and the standard for each and everyone’s conduct towards employees, business partners and the public. With this standard, we commit ourselves to enforce principles on human rights, labour law and environmental protection in all our business activities and to comply with internationally recognized standards on these matters. In this way, we ensure that Döhler, as a globally active company, acts in a uniform and exemplary manner worldwide.

We expect that our business partners, specifically our suppliers and service providers, make themselves familiar with this Code of Conduct and adhere to it at all times.  That is why we have decided not to establish a separate Code of Conduct for our suppliers.


Code of Conduct

Döhler Compliance Hotline

This compliance hotline offers you the opportunity to raise your concerns anonymously. It is provided and managed by an external provider to ensure confidentiality. The hotline is available to all Döhler employees as well as third parties.

Döhler does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who reports in good faith any observed, or suspected, illegal or unethical behavior, or Code-related policy violations.


Rules of procedure for the complaints procedure in accordance with § 8 of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)

Döhler Compliance Hotline

Common Questions

The Compliance Hotline is a confidential channel through which you can report actual or potential misconduct, violations of regulations or laws, and violations of the Döhler Fundamentals.
To ensure maximum confidentiality, Döhler has commissioned Nemexis, an independent company, with the technical operation of this hotline.  Your messages will be received by a neutral and independent person. This person has known Döhler for many years but, as an external consultant, is independent in the performance of the activity and is not bound by instructions.  If you wish, personal meetings, video conferences or telephone calls for exchange are also possible - after registration via this platform.
For this purpose, it is important that you save the access data known only to you in order to enable further exchange. With your access data you can access your message, find out the results of the investigation or get answers to your questions.

Any concerns regarding potential or actual violations of law, as well as of Döhler’s policies and guidelines must be reported. If you are an employee who is unsure about raising your concerns or questions with your supervisor or the Legal Team about your concerns, the Compliance Hotline allows you to file a report or ask a question anonymously. As an external, this platform is of course also available to you without restriction.
Questions or reports can be related to any category of our Global Code of Conduct, such as handling of company property, corruption and bribery, data protection as well as environmental and human rights issues

To ensure maximum confidentiality, Döhler has commissioned Nemexis, an independent company, with the technical operation of this platform. Your messages will be received by a neutral and independent. This person will examine the facts and decide on further action to be taken.
Depending on the issue, various specialist units may be required to be involved, e.g. Legal, Human Resources or EHS. 
The parties involved will take great care in processing your report.  Experience shows that every processing is different - which is why the duration of an investigation can vary. In general we aim to process requests within 5 working days.

If you send us a report via the platform, you will receive personal access data. To process your request, it may be important to be able to continue communicating with you. It is therefore important that you save these access codes, which are only known to you, in order to enable a further exchange with us. Only with your personal access data can you access your report, find out the results of the investigation or get answers to your questions. This process is required to maintain confidentiality. 

If you indicate in your request or message that you wish to remain anonymous, we will respect that. Nemexis does not collect data or connection logs that can help to identify your computer.

Döhler does everything to thoroughly and comprehensively investigate inquiries and concerns. However, there may be instances where it is not possible to investigate because the information provided to us is insufficient. Therefore the platform also supports anonymous web communication between you and the Compliance Team in case further information is needed. Therefore, it is important that you log in with your access data on a regular basis to receive these follow-up requests or to learn about the status of your report.

Of course, Döhler employees can first share their observation with their manager or their HR department. For external and internal whistleblowers, other ways of sharing and discussing their observation are also possible. To do this, it is recommended to first describe your observation in the Compliance Hotline and then, if necessary,  select an alternative option for further contact there.

As soon as your request has been processed, you will receive feedback. If you have contacted us anonymously, i.e. you have not left any contact information, you must log in to the Compliance Hotline with your access data in order to receive this feedback. Therefore, it is important that you have downloaded or noted down the access data when reporting your concern and that you log in regularly. 

Döhler does not tolerate any adverse action against anyone who in good faith raises their concerns or participates in an investigation to resolve those concerns. There is no reason to fear any adverse action if you raise your concerns here or ask for advice.

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