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Döhler Blossom Flavours – for products that touch all the senses!

The scent of blossoming jasmine, the perfection of a rose and the intense aroma of lavender have been touching our senses since the dawn of time. In many cultures, flowers are the symbol of beauty, naturalness and health. In the past, it was predominantly the cosmetics, fragrance and pharmaceuticals industry that knew how to use these properties for emotional product positionings. 

Now blossoms have been rediscovered for culinary indulgence – and not only in haute cuisine. Food and beverages with a hint of rose, lavender or hibiscus are among today's top trendsetters.

In line with this trend, Döhler has developed a varied portfolio of natural blossom flavours – for innovative food and beverages that touch all the senses.

Violet, lotus, jasmine etc. – for unmistakeable taste!

A culinary tour of the world would be unthinkable without the taste of hibiscus, rose and elderflower in many dishes and beverages. Even the very intense, tangy taste of lavender and the sweet bitterness of cherry blossom give food and beverages an unmistakeable note and are becoming ever more popular. Döhler's portfolio of blossom flavours includes both natural flavours and FTNS* extracts from a wide range of blossoms with a tremendous number of taste nuances.

*From the named source

Discover the world of Döhler Blossom Flavours:

Wellness and pure taste!

Rose, jasmine and violet are known for their beguiling scents. In addition, many blossoms are said to have a positive effect on body and soul. The pleasent scent of lavender, for example, is considered to have a relaxing effect, while chamomile has always been known as an anti-inflammatory medicinal plant. The large number of different blossoms can be used for developing a wide range of product positionings, but blossoms also allow interesting experiences when it comes to taste. As a supplier of integrated solutions, we provide you with both premium quality natural flavours and extracts and innovative product concepts.

Be inspired by the concepts:

...and many more!

Döhler natural flavours – the right flavour for your product!

We are committed to developing the perfect flavour for your product! But creating the flavour is not the only thing that counts. A lot goes into developing a flavour tailored to your requirements: the very best raw materials, knowledge of your consumers' taste preferences, experience of the technological requirements of a wide range of applications, well-founded expertise and our flavourists' excellent nose for good taste. We therefore rely on the following when creating a multi-sensory taste sensation:

Naturalness: The trend towards more natural products is having an impact on markets all over the world. We are constantly creating new flavour portfolios that support this long-lasting trend by using premium raw materials such as fruits, vegetables, plants and other natural raw materials.

Market & consumer expertise: The latest findings from strategic market and consumer research and trend scouting form the basis we need to develop flavours that meet current market requirements and consumer desires.

Reliability through Sensory & Consumer Science: Döhler Aromen werden hinsichtlich der sensorischen Akzeptanz beim Verbraucher von Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science vorab überprüft. So entstehen Aromen, die Verbrauchern ein multisensorisches Erlebnis eröffnen.

Customised for a wide range of applications: Our well-established flavourist expertise enables us to develop flavours tailored to suit a wide range of applications.

Tailored to local taste preferences: With sites all over the world, we know all about the specific taste preferences of various regions. This knowledge forms the basis of country-specific flavour portfolios that meet the taste preferences of local consumers.

Premium raw materials & the finest taste nuances: Worldwide sourcing and our own fruit processing and flavour production facilities give us preferential access to high quality flavour extracts. These raw materials allow us to create the finest nuances in flavours.

Latest technologies: We use the latest technologies to conjure up extraordinary flavours.

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