A healthy diet is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

We understand the shift towards proactive health management and the importance of integrating nutritional solutions with specific health benefits into daily diets. Blending food and beverages with the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, we foster innovation in products that are not only convenient and tasty but also natural, functional and backed by science. Our mission is to innovate state-of-the-art food, beverage and nutraceutical products that align with the latest health and nutrition science findings to improve consumers’ overall well-being. Leveraging our range of NaturalSuperHEROES, we enable our customers to enrich food, beverage and nutraceutical applications, unlocking new growth opportunities.

Our portfolio ranges from botanicals to biotics, plant based-proteins, fibres and natural vitamins, targeting key areas of health such as the immune system, gut health, mental health, weight management, energy, relaxation or beauty thanks to selected, gently processed raw materials. We provide natural solutions for specialised nutrition as well as performance and sports nutrition, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and baby food.

Why Döhler is the right partner for you:

Use added value from Döhler for your next holistic health innovation.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Natural SuperHEROES which includes standardised botanical powders and extracts in both raw and Optifine™ qualities, standardised fruit powders and extracts, plant-based proteins from cereals, nuts and pulses, along with pre/probiotic fibres, postbiotic strains and natural vitamins.

Benefit from our tailored solutions for unique Multi-sensory Experiences, including natural flavours, sweetening solutions, liquid and dry taste modulation solutions for masking and enhanced mouthfeel, texturizing ingredients and vibrant natural colours. Our legacy in fruit and vegetable processing, combined with a global extraction network and an extensive variety of packaging options, underscores our commitment to delivering superior quality and innovation to our customers worldwide. Develop healthy products for a better lifestyle that also meet consumer demand for delicious taste.

Döhler uses science and technology to leverage its in-depth ingredient system and compounding expertise, streamlining the supply chain for enhanced agility, a faster time-to-market and food safety, while ensuring competitiveness through access to state-of-the-art ingredient production technologies such as fermentation and extraction.

Döhler is your partner for end-to-end solutions from market analysis and health trend insights to R&D and concept implementation, including regulatory support, Nutritional Excellence consultation, co-manufacturing services and specific distribution solutions. Our approach emphasises gentle processing, sustainable sourcing and creating cutting-edge products that meet consumer demand for health and naturalness. With our Natural SuperHEROES portfolio, we ensure that our partners have access to the highest-quality ingredients, backed by clinical evidence, so they can thrive in this dynamic industry.

Our comprehensive approach integrates global and local sourcing through contract farming, underpinned by rigorous audits and certifications, alongside the establishment of new raw material supply chain capabilities, ensuring the delivery of organic and fair trade products. We guarantee the best sustainable ingredient qualities, certified origins and partnerships worldwide.

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, integrated: discover Döhler's portfolio for nutritional drinks & food and nutraceuticals.

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