Good for people – Good for planet®

At Döhler, we help to nourish the world better through innovative, healthy products based on natural ingredients. Taking care of people and the planet is part of our DNA.

Thinking and acting long-term, we recognise our responsibility towards the environment and society. We are committed to acting responsibly within our entire value chain to create positive environmental and social impact, and we strive to address challenges as outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We provide plant-based nutrition for all people and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Respecting human rights

  • Conducting business fairly and transparently

  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace

  • Creating an attractive working culture

  • Positively contributing to society

Döhler respects and promotes all internationally recognised human rights standards as per the International Bill of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and we expect our suppliers and all business partners along the supply chain to do the same. 

Suppliers are valued partners in the success of our business. Our relationships with suppliers are characterised by honesty and fairness. 
As a company, we are people-minded and value all lives as equal. Our people and work culture are our greatest assets. We strive to inspire and empower our employees in everything they do. The combination of the individual differences, life experience, knowledge, innovation and unique capabilities and talent that our employees invest in their work represents a significant part of not only our culture, but our reputation and company’s achievements.
At Döhler, we provide an attractive working culture ensuring that every team member can work and be successful in a safe and healthy workplace environment. 

Döhler aims to create, deliver and share true value with all partners across the entire food and agricultural chain from farmers to consumers in order to build up, maintain and extend economic viability. We respect and promote fair trading practices at each stage of the value chain. 

We support selected supply chain partners to achieve sustainable certification standards, facilitating sharing of knowledge and best practices to support farmers to produce, sell and source sustainably grown agricultural products. We initiate and participate in agricultural sustainability projects across the globe, with a focus on reducing social and environmental risks and improving conditions for workers in our supply chain.

Döhler is a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex). 100% of our production sites are independently verified via Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA) to ensure that company operations take place in an ethical manner. 

We follow the principle of continuous improvement and strive to continue to strengthen our processes and policies to identify, prevent and mitigate the negative impact of our operations on human rights and the environment. Thus, Döhler is able to continuously improve the performance in social, ethical and environmental aspects throughout the entire group.


At Döhler, smart ideas have a way of becoming great products – with maximum efficiency and the lowest environmental impact.

  • Reducing GHG emissions

  • Promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency

  • Contributing to a circular economy

  • Practicing good water stewardship

  • Increasing biodiversity

We aspire to improve our environmental performance continuously by evaluating risks and opportunities in Döhler’s environmental stewardship. We are committed to collaborate with upstream and downstream supply chain stakeholders to further minimise any negative environmental impacts caused by our business operations. Furthermore, by engaging in industry associations we prove our strong commitment to work closely with our stakeholders.

We drive impact through a proactive approach and responsible management of environmental aspects. In particular the efficient use of energy and water, as well as the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are key to our sustainability approach. We aim to use water in our own production sites efficiently and to increase water efficiency of our production processes continuously as well as improving the treatment of waste water.

We commit to use our resources efficiently and to reduce the quantity of waste continuously. We follow the principles to prevent the occurrence of waste wherever possible and prohibit wasteful procedures (e.g. disposal of products through manufacturing errors or expired sell-by dates) and reduce the amount of hazardous waste and waste to landfill.

Additionally, we commit to responsibly manage aspects referring to biodiversity, emissions to air and releases to water, handling of hazardous waste, noise, odour and dust emissions, fertilisation management, potential and actual soil erosion and contamination, and product-related issues (such as design, packaging, transport, reuse and recycling).

We valorise all parts of the raw materials and improve their usage in our value chain (e.g. through bio fermentation processes). We aim to enhance the usage of packaging solutions consisting of recycled materials and prepare product streams in a way that promotes the ability to recycle raw materials efficiently.


We work together closely with our partners to protect and regenerate the planet with its valuable resources.

  • Promoting regenerative agriculture and climate change adaptation

  • Protecting the environment

  • Fostering mutually beneficial supplier relationships

  • Investing in innovative sustainable solutions

As a company that globally sources and transforms agricultural products, we have a responsibility to promote sustainable agriculture. We believe that the best way to achieve these goals is to work together closely with our partners to protect and regenerate the planet with its valuable resources.

We therefore commit to assist our suppliers to implement more sustainable farming practices, such as minimised tillage, crop rotation, integrated pest management and efficient water management. Beyond our certification efforts, we run several Partner Sustainability Programs jointly with our customers on topics such as Regenerative Agriculture.

Through Döhler Ventures, we further extend our partnerships in sustainable solutions. Döhler Ventures invests in a broad range of start-ups with positive environmental and social impact, such as the Waterdrop company which has saved up to 30 million plastic bottles to date.


Driving Collective Action

Döhler's Featured Sustainability Initiatives

We initiate and participate in multiple agricultural sustainability projects across the globe, with a focus on reducing social and environmental risks and improving conditions for workers in our supply chain.

Policies and Documents

Döhler is committed to respect and promote principles on human rights, labour laws and environmental protection and to operate in accordance with internationally recognised standards concerning these topics.

  • Statement on slavery and human trafficking for the financial year 2022 – Download PDF
  • Statement on slavery and human trafficking for the financial year 2021 – Download PDF