We ensure the best quality in our products and sustainable success for our customers

We are responsible not only for our customers' performance on the market but also for the well-being of their consumers. That is why quality assurance, safe foods and acting sustainably are integral parts of every work process for Döhler – this is the only way for us to develop the best products and create real, sustainable added value for our customers.


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End-to-end quality assurance – thanks to our Quality and Food Safety programme

Through our quality management, we optimise our entire company constantly – from the quality of our raw materials and processing technology through to the quality of the products and services. The methods we use include systematic food hygiene (GMP), prophylactic risk assessment (HACCP) of potential health risks and various self-monitoring systems.

Döhler's zero error culture – What we do to ensure process and product quality

FSSC 22000 ensures food safety and increases transparency throughout the entire supply chain. The GMP and HACCP systems are fundamental elements in this process.

Our organic products, traceable all the way back to the suppliers, are tested and certified according to the EC Organic Production Regulation no. 834/2007 and 889/2008 on a regular basis. Döhler's guidelines are even stricter than those of the EC Organic Production Regulation. They are constantly refined to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained throughout the production process.

Food for the consumer has to be safe, healthy and appealing. The principles of GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) are implemented at Döhler through preventive hygiene measures on our plants and technical equipment and through monitoring these by means of microbiological analyses, sterilisation of packaging, staff hygiene and pest control. The current status is monitored through hygiene inspections.

Keeping our knowledge on hygiene and GMP up-to-date at all times is a crucial requirement, and one that is conveyed to our employees through training courses on hygiene principles.

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system has been implemented in our facilities since 1997. The fundamental idea of the system is based on the systematic analysis of the product flow from the raw material, through the various processing stages, to our final products. Thus, health hazards posed by chemical, biological and physical risks can be eliminated to the greatest extent possible.

Safety and quality of food are in the interests of producers, the retail market and consumers. Our participation in the SGF's voluntary control system (FSKS) means that the statutory and industrial quality and safety standards of our products are independently ensured throughout the entire production process. We are committed to general rules of behaviour by the code of conduct.

Our environmental management system supports us in reducing, avoiding and controlling negative environmental impacts caused by our operations and in meeting the applicable environmental obligations and other requirements. Our goal is to achieve a sustainable and steady improvement in our environmental performance.

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