Döhler MULTI-SENSORY DESIGN® for colours

Döhler MULTI-SENSORY DESIGN®; for colours – tailor-made colour solutions for successful products

What does yellow taste like? Who particularly likes red? And why does green taste completely different in Asia?

We automatically associate the colour of a food or beverage with certain taste and product properties, but they can also stir our senses and emotions. Selecting the right colour allows the product positioning of food and beverages to be consciously controlled. In a successful product, the product promise, consumer associations and the product experience itself always fit together!

On the other hand... product colours without any specific consumer associations allow for the development of completely new and innovative products with a unique positioning.

The product associations triggered by a certain colour vary between different countries and target groups and also depend on the type of food or beverage. Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science has investigated the reasons behind consumers' colour associations in a unique study. This consumer study was then used as the basis for Döhler's MULTI-SENSORY DESIGN® for colours.

What is the best colour for your energy drink? Or your children's drink....?

The Döhler MULTI-SENSORY DESIGN® for colours enables us to design the ideal colour solution for our customers of the food & beverage industry that perfectly matches their product and the product positioning they want to achieve – even for completely new product innovations.

  • Are you looking for a natural colour that supports a certain product positioning and triggers the right associations for the taste?
  • Do you have an idea for a completely new and innovative product and are looking for a colour that shows this off?
  • Would you like to introduce an existing product to another market and guarantee market success?

Get in touch! Thanks to our diverse ingredient portfolio, we deliver not only the perfect colour, but also all the other well-balanced ingredients you need to create a multi-sensory product experience.

Finding the “perfect” colour for your product requires a great deal of understanding of what consumers want!

What does the consumer expect from a product? How can the colour support their expectations when it comes to taste and the product promise? Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science has developed the Döhler MULTI-SENSORY DESIGN® for colours in order to address these essential issues. In an extensive, exemplary consumer study in China and Germany, consumers were asked about the colour associations they make with soft drinks. The results obtained from the study help our customers to find the perfect natural colour that matches the desired product positioning, the product promise and ultimately the consumers' expectations.

The methodology developed can be applied to all segments of the food and beverage industry and tailored to meet the specific issues and requirements of our customers and their applications.

We will be happy to advise you further on how the Döhler MULTI-SENSORY DESIGN® for colours can help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting your product colour!

Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science – An independent and reliable partner for the food and beverage industry

Thanks to Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science, our customers benefit from our many years of proven expertise in the application of the latest methods in sensory and consumer research. In doing so, we provide both product development and marketing with all the information they need to translate complex consumer perceptions and the resulting acceptance judgements into specific recommendations for action.

We have over 2,500 testers at our headquarters in Darmstadt alone. For national and international studies, we also have access to a selected network of specialist partner institutes who conduct consumer tests under our leadership. This has allowed Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science to establish itself on the market as a competent and independent partner over the years, with a diverse range of successful innovations. The benefit of this is that we speak the language of our developers and are therefore able to translate necessary product improvements into specific recipe changes.

Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science – Your research partner for products with optimum multi-sensory properties

  • Many years of experience in conducting and compiling sensory consumer tests at home and abroad
  • Proven and established expertise in sensory product research for the entire food sector
  • Use of scientifically-validated test methods for sensory consumer research
  • Clear and comprehensible recommendations of how to optimize the multi-sensory product performance

Döhler – Your partner for brilliant, tailored, natural colours for your product!

Döhler provides you with a broad portfolio of premium-quality, natural colours as well as colouring concentrateswith optimal stability and outstanding multi-sensory properties.

But we deliver a lot more than just a colour – we deliver tailored natural colour solutions that fulfil application-specific requirements while supporting the product positioning in the best possible way. That is why the consumers' senses and desires are the main focus when it comes to developing your individual product colour.

Our supply chain ranges from selecting the seeds of fruit and vegetable raw materials and growing to processing tailored colour formulations for your product, so that we can provide you with colours of the very highest quality.

Our expertise in colouring substances and our knowledge of how these substances will react when combined with other ingredients and how they will behave in various types of production process and packaging forms the basis for providing you with the optimum colour solution for your product.

We support our customers from the outset with an integrated solution approach. This includes not only providing you with the product-specific colour recommendation, but also supporting you with queries concerning the recipe, production and product shelf life, as well as consumer insights from Sensory & Consumer Science.

In short, we deliver the perfect colour for your successful application, your market, your consumers and your product positioning.

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