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Here you can find exclusive information for your next food and beverage innovation.


of consumers associate the colour white with naturalness in soft drinks

Choosing the right colour is essential for the success of a product.

Fruity, high-quality and natural! Consumers often associate these properties with white and cloudy beverages, as well as these colours promoting a premium character.

The cloud emulsions are suitable for both non-alcoholic, as well as alcoholic beverages. The emulsions provide transparent and colourless beverages with a visually appealing look which makes a statement!


More naturalness

Alongside perfect taste and appearance, the naturalness of beverages is key for consumers. Which type of colour is used contributes significantly to the positioning of the product and to what appears on the label. 

Enjoy with all the senses – Natural Ingredients for unique product experiences

A “multi-sensory” experience describes perceiving a food or a beverage with all the senses. We can show you how to fulfil consumer expectations of your brand and product completely by finding the ideal fit for all sensations, including appearance, odour and sound, as well as taste and mouthfeel.


More naturalness
Unique product experiences

Natural appearance for natural indulgence

Colour-intensive white

Many consumers have stated that not only the taste of their beverages is important, but also the fact that these beverages have a positive contribution to their health. Beverages made from natural ingredients are therefore in greater demand than ever before.

With our cloud emulsions, you can give previously colourless or clear beverages a natural appearance with white colour intensities and different clouding types.


With “Natural White for Beverages”, the cloudy emulsions from Döhler, you benefit from

  • Excellent cloudiness stability in different applications
  • Combination of cloud emulsions with natural colours for cloudy colour solutions
  • Strong clouding effect, even at low dosages
  • Ideal solution for cost optimisation


Discover a shining colour variety for products with the highest stability and profitability – individually tailored to your applications!

Ideal for different beverage applications

Non-alcoholic Beverages »
Alcoholic Beverages »



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Natural White

Create your natural beverage with our advanced natural white

Natural Colours by Döhler

What makes Döhler the ideal partner when it comes to natural colours?

  • On-site processing and global sourcing 
  • Comprehensive expertise in concentrate processing from fruit and vegetables 
  • Comprehensive knowledge in emulsion technology for vibrant and natural colours

The most important factor is to never lose sight of what is significant:

Bright colours, the best taste and optimum stability in your product!


Here you can find exclusive information for your next food and beverage innovation.


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