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The success of a product often depends only on a single but very special note. Ginger is the magic word! It gives so many foods that 'special something' allowing them to stand out from the crowd of other products. 

Ginger has been used in Asian cooking for a  very long time. Today, it jazzes up not only haute cuisine, but also supermarket shelves around the world. This unique root is used in chocolate, cacao drinks, beer mixes, cocktails and in all imaginable…and seemingly unimaginable products! 

Why ginger?
Thanks to its unique flavour note, ginger can be enjoyed with a wide range of fruit notes. It is ideal in combination with citrus fruits, where its spiciness is the perfect finishing touch to a fresh and fruity taste. Mild taste profiles such as pear, mango or even chocolate and caramel are given a unique 'taste twist'. Ginger just spices it up!

Benefit from this strong trend too with “Integrated Flavour Solutions by Döhler"!

We offer you ginger flavours ...

... which are perfectly tailored to your product!
... with a wide range of taste characteristics!
... with top taste: Tested by Sensory & Consumer Science!

Ginger isn't just ginger.

We offer ginger flavours with a wide range of taste characteristics for individual product applications.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Ginger Extracts
  • Natural Ginger Flavours
  • Natural Ginger Flavours with other Natural Flavours
  • Natural Flavours (Ginger)
  • Ginger Flavours

Taste characteristics:

Have you found a taste for ginger but are still looking for the right product innovation?

We'd be delighted to help!

Benefit now from Döhler beverage innovations, such as:

We provide you with the right flavours for your product, because...

... we cater to the taste preferences of the various markets and consumers in a targeted way.

... our flavours are tested by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science.

...our well-established expertise in formulation allows us to develop flavours which are perfectly tailored to the various applications.

... thanks to our integrated product portfolio and decades of experience in the production of beverage compounds, we know how flavours behave and how they need to be formulated to ensure beverage and milk products which remain stable over time.

... we deliver natural flavours tailored individually to your applications.

... a large number of technological process advances make our flavours unique and unmistakable.

... our worldwide sourcing, own fruit processing and flavour production give us preferential access to premium flavour extracts from fruits, vegetables and other plants. The best raw materials allow the finest nuances using different descriptor adaptations.

... our pronounced expertise in emulsion technology is a key success factor for outstanding natural flavours.

... we never lose sight of what really matters:
Top taste, perfect product appearance and high stability in the finished product!

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