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Authentic and modern interpretations of classic beverages


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of consumers around the world are interested in sophisticated soft drinks as an alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Solutions for dark and light spirits, spirit mix drinks and cocktails – without alcohol

Consumers are focussing on healthier nutrition in every aspect: from low-sugar, to plant-based, to enriched with superfoods, to less alcohol. Given the global trend for reduced alcohol consumption, authentic tasting beverages with mature taste profiles are growing in popularity all the time. As well as alcohol-free beer and wine, non-alcoholic versions of well-known classic spirits, such as rum, whiskey, tequila and gin are in particularly high demand.

We work with you to develop your next alcohol-free market success. Benefit from our natural ingredients and the expertise of our team:

  • Botanical Extracts & distillates: Complex taste profiles for new accents
  • Bonificators & typages: Authentic, aged profiles
  • MultiSense® Flavours: Sugar reduction, perfect mouthfeel
  • Alcoholic boosters: Imitation of alcoholic warmth
  • Natural flavours for spirits: Ready-to-use taste profiles like rum or gin
  • Comprehensive expertise in application development for complex taste profiles like whiskey or bitter orange

Prognosis: double-digit growth of non-alcoholic spirits per year

An increased awareness of being healthy is also elevating the demand for authentic-tasting non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages (< 0.5% and 0.0%).

Liqueurs, spirits, cocktails – authentic classic beverages without alcohol

Whether pure or mixed in a cocktail, consumers expect their beverages to offer authentic moments of indulgence with that special something. Primarily driven by growing health consciousness around the world and modern lifestyles, non-alcoholic and reduced-sugar versions of traditional spirits such as whiskey or gin, cocktails and long drinks are more popular than ever.

Yet the non-alcoholic cocktails served in bars and restaurants are often based on sweet fruit juices or syrups and therefore do not meet the demand for a strong, sophisticated taste.

Döhler offers non-alcoholic alternatives to classic spirits with a sophisticated taste profile. Get to know our new generation of solutions for non-alcoholic spirits like whiskey, rum or gin and create alcohol-free beverages that win over the market and capture the hearts of consumers!

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Non-alcoholic spirits that impress across the board

Portfolio of non-alcoholic spirits

Authentic taste profiles

0.0% solutions for non-alcoholic spirits

Portfolio of non-alcoholic spirits

Alcohol booster flavours

The warming feeling of alcohol – without alcohol!


We stand for application expertise. Cleverly combine different flavours and impress with non-alcoholic drinks as modern interpretations of classic beverages or trendy new products.

Non-alcoholic spirits

Match the taste profile of traditional spirits and offer a non-alcoholic solution (less than 0.5% ABV)

0.0% spirits

Taste profile comparable with conventional spirits, but without alcoholic ingredients (less than 0.05% ABV)

Non-alcoholic bitter drinks

Zero ABV bitters for non-alcoholic drinks such as cocktails and mix drinks at home or in bars

Non-alcoholic spirit mixes and cocktails

Ready-to-drink non-alc versions of popular alcoholic mix drinks such as gin tonic that taste just like the original

Non-alcoholic liqueurs

Non-alcoholic alternatives for all types of liqueur: whether with cream or fruits, bitter variants or traditional aperitifs

Beverages like spirits

Taste profile similar to spirits, not to be consumed undiluted – often used as a mix for non-alcoholic cocktails, long drinks and highballs


Non-alcoholic spirits
0.0% spirits
Non-alcoholic bitter drinks
Non-alcoholic spirit mixes and cocktails
Non-alcoholic liqueurs
Beverages like spirits

We would be delighted to work with you to develop a customized solution for your application.

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