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Loving the taste of fresh dairy products? We do, too!

Rising consumer awareness on environmental sustainability, a balanced and healthy diet as well as animal welfare – all these factors contribute to the ongoing strong growth of dairy alternatives. While naturalness and clean labeling are key, the most crucial factor influencing the enjoyment of a vegan product is its sensory appeal – dominated by taste, texture and mouthfeel. Milk-like, fresh and creamy taste attributes are top-of-mind for consumers and determine a sustained market success.

However, many existing plant-based alternatives do not meet these expectations, as they are lacking complexity in taste and a mouthfeel that equals the one of animal-based dairy products.

Optimising the sensory profile

of plant-based dairy applications

Clean label plant-based taste modulation

Optimising the sensory profile of plant-based dairy products


Innovative technologies based on natural raw materials

Meeting todays’ consumer requirements, Döhler provides a portfolio of fermented ingredients to naturally modify the sensory characteristics of plant-based dairy alternatives. Based on a cultivated Fermentation process, these signature profiles help to mask existing off-notes of the base material and mimic organoleptic properties of conventional dairy products including a milk-like taste and a creamy mouthfeel. Some of our fermentates can further be used as a natural acidifier for plant-based yoghurt alternatives.

With the help of various building blocks, we can therefore create complex taste profiles that provide a full and indulging taste experience, a pleasant mouthfeel and texture while allowing for a clean label declaration.





Tailor-made building blocks for your next product innovation:

  • Unique and authentic flavour profiles with the complexity of classic dairy products
  • Optimization of the overall taste profile, masking properties and mouthfeel improvement
  • Natural acidification for yoghurt
  • Clean label declaration: “fermented oat”, “fermented rice extract”
  • 100% plant-based and 100% natural

Plant-based Drinks

  • Balancing the sensory profile, replicating the one of cow milk
  • Masking of unpleasant off-notes
  • Mouthfeel optimization

Plant-based Yoghurt Alternatives

  • Improved and well-balanced sensory profile
  • Optimized texture & mouthfeel
  • Natural acidification (no own fermentation capabilities needed)

Plant-based Ice Cream

  • Creamy texture & improved mouthfeel
  • Full & complex taste
  • 100% plant-based indulgence

Plant-based Cheese Alternatives

  • Rounding off the flavour profile
  • Masking of unwanted off-notes
  • Typification of various cheese profiles


Plant-based Drinks
Plant-based Yoghurt Alternatives
Plant-based Ice Cream
Plant-based Cheese Alternatives

We bring ideas to life.

Let us work together to develop sensory-appealing, plant-based products that will delight your customers! We are pleased to help you optimise your plant-based product portfolio or provide an authentic, distinctive taste and mouthfeel to your product range.

Are interested to learn more about our full range of plant-based ingredients, including pulses, nuts or cereal bases? Or are you looking for all-in-one-solutions to create indulging desserts, drinks or cream cheese alternatives? Learn more here

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