Non-alcoholic Ferments

Bring refreshing new ideas to your beverages

with our Non-alcoholic Ferments.

Unique taste, attractive premium claims, reduced-calorie indulgence – give your beverage innovations very special, natural added value. Döhler offers you a broad portfolio of non-alcoholic ferments, using the latest biotechnologies and our own library of more than 2,500 microorganisms.

What makes Döhlerʼs Non-alcoholic Ferments the smarter choice:

  • Large variety of refreshing and unique taste profiles, especially for adults – slightly tart and less sweet
  • Up to 50% calorie reduction in fruit juices at 100% fruit content
  • High-quality product claims such as “brewed”, “fermented”, “naturally refined”, “full-bodied” and “dry”
  • Based on the best natural raw materials thanks to continuous vertical integration
  • Latest fermentation techniques and biotechnologies for consistently high quality
  • Tailored to country-specific statutory requirements and regional characteristics

Non-alcoholic Ferments from Döhler.

Impressive benefits for your beverage innovations.

Thanks to our comprehensive competence in ingredients and our expertise in the development of food and beverage applications, we understand exactly how non-alcoholic ferments behave in combination with other components of a recipe. You can be absolutely certain that the ferments are formulated exactly to make your beverage a unique multi-sensory experience throughout its shelf life.

Our taste bases made from fruit juices, malt, tea and other raw materials give your beverages unique taste profiles that are very difficult to imitate using flavourings. A large number of microorganisms and fermentation processes unlock a broad spectrum of options for you, such as gluconic or lactic acid ferments and brewed soft drinks.

Ideal for:

  • Natural soft drinks for adults.
  • Brewed lemonades
  • “New generation” tea beverages
  • Non-alcoholic cider and wines with 0.0% alcohol
  • Traditional beverages such as kvass, hardaliye and kombucha

With our nutritional bases, we offer you naturally refined fruit juices with up to 50% fewer calories but full fruit content. That allows you to stand out in the market and unlocks ideal positioning options in the field of fitness and health.

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