Carbonated, alcoholic or clear –

you have the application and we have the right, technological juice concentrate solution.

Naturalness is one of the most important trends in the market. Be it carbonated beverages such as lemonades and energy drinks, alcoholic beverages or confectionery, consumers prefer an authentic, natural taste and the ingredients to match. However, not every juice concentrate is suitable for every product. That is why we have used our great application experience and advanced fining and stabilisation technologies to develop a broad spectrum of special juice concentrates, each of which perfectly meets the technological requirements of, for example, alcoholic or carbonated products.

  • Our own fruit and vegetable processing facilities in the world’s best growing areas
  • Broad portfolio of traditional and exotic fruits and vegetables, organic available on request
  • Tailored to your applications
  • CO2-stable concentrates
  • Clarified juice concentrates
  • Alcohol-stable juice concentrates

Application ideal for:

  • Water plus
  • Fruit splashes
  • Carbonated soft drinks/lemonades
  • Energy drinks
  • Tea beverages
  • Beer-mixes
  • Cider
  • Spirits
  • Confectionery

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