Multi-Sensory Experiences

Inspire your consumers

with a unique multi-sensory experience.

How can you make your product a long-term success on the market? How do you make consumers love your food or beverages so that they buy them again and again? Delight your consumers with an indulgent, multi-sensory experience that fully lives up to the expectations you create through the brand, product concept, packaging or colour. This is what we call Döhler Multi-Sensory Excellence.

Döhler Multi-Sensory Excellence shows you how you can live up to consumer expectations with all the senses.

Multi-Sensory Excellence is an integrated research approach developed by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science. It provides you with sound and clear recommendations on optimising the multi-sensory quality of your products and, in turn, your market prospects.

Our findings from sensory research can be applied directly to the development of your application.

At Döhler, you benefit from the fact that we speak the same language as the developers when it comes to sensory research. A very high number of the more than 200 sensory experts at Sensory & Consumer Science are experienced application developers. This enables us to turn the necessary product adjustments directly into specific recipe changes for your products.

We use our interdisciplinary ingredient expertise to design your perfectly-coordinated product experience.

Thanks to a unique diversity of the best natural ingredients and perfectly-composed all-in-one ingredient systems, Döhler provides you with tailored solutions for your applications, impressing your consumers in every sensory dimension.

Natural and brilliant colours
Cloudy or crystal clear

Natural flavours

Natural flavours
Sweetening systems
Cooling effect

Natural texturisers


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