With our Juice Concentrates for a wide range of applications, your products will taste as fruity as the fruit itself.

Natural, fruity, fresh – this is exactly the taste sensation Döhler juice concentrates bring to your product applications. Our own production facilities in the cultivation country and our worldwide procurement network allow us to process the best fruit and vegetable raw materials immediately after harvest. To produce our concentrates, we remove some of the water from the juice of the ripe fruit. We use the latest technologies to do this, in order to preserve valuable ingredients, taste and colour as far as possible. This way we capture the finest natural flavours (FTNF/J*), which are later used for re-flavouring.

*From the named fruit/juice
  • From our own local fruit and vegetable processing facilities
  • Broad and deep range of fruit and vegetable concentrates
  • Standardised juice concentrates from different origins
  • Cloudy juice concentrates as well as clarified, decolourised and CO2-stable special concentrates, organic and fair trade available on request
  • Tailored to your applications
  • Use of the latest technology to capture the finest flavours during the concentration process for re-flavouring later

The best nature has to offer:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Apples and Pears
  • Red fruits and berries
  • Tropical fruits 
  • Stone fruits and grapes
  • Vegetables

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