We use more than 50 technologies to process our raw materials gently and efficiently.

We have been constantly expanding our expertise in processing natural raw materials for decades and are the driving force behind technological development in this field.

With a unique diversity of the most advanced technologies, we process the best of nature in an ever gentler way to produce natural ingredients and ingredient systems.

In every step of the process, we aim to create real added value for you and the consumer: greater quality regarding authenticity, taste and nutritional value, greater efficiency, greater stability and entirely new opportunities for innovative food and beverage applications.

A unique toolbox of technologies.

Döhler always finds new technological ways to create new added value in every step.

1. A variety of technologies.

More than 5,000 different natural raw materials and more than 50 technologies give us an endless number of possible combinations. We consistently make use of this huge potential for innovation. By interconnecting tried-and-tested processes in new ways, we create pioneering, innovative solutions such as Döhler colourings.

2. The best technologies from other industries.

Those who wish to be a driving force in the development of food and beverages cannot allow themselves to focus only on the technologies common in these segments. That is why we constantly observe and analyse benchmark technologies in all food segments and even other industries – and adopt them in our processes wherever they allow us to achieve better or entirely new results.

3. We develop own technologies.

Enjoying a delicious beer despite a gluten allergy – it is challenges like this that constantly drive us to develop new technologies and extend the bounds of possibility a little more.

Discover our entire process from nature to a unique multi-sensory experience.

Global Sourcing

We go as far as it takes to achieve the best quality.

Comprehensive market expertise

We know your markets, so you can meet consumer tastes today and tomorrow.

Multi-Sensory Experiences®

Benefit from our knowledge and make your products an indulgent, multi-sensory experience.

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