Our Vegetable Ingredients cover three trends at once – naturalness, health and convenience.

That is why more and more consumers are looking for products that allow them to eat more vegetables in a convenient, time-saving yet pleasant-tasting way that are offering exciting new taste experiences.

Use this rapidly-growing demand for your foods and beverages.

of global consumers in 2022 said that they want to include more vegetables in their diet to lead healthier lives.

Döhler provides you with a broad portfolio of vegetable ingredients that are perfectly tailored to your applications. Mixed with fruit ingredients or used to top plant-based preparations, they create wonderful combinations in a variety of food and beverage applications.

The rising demand for products that are low in sugar, highly nutritious and naturally tasty can be met with high-quality natural vegetable ingredients. From zucchini to tomatoes and carrots – vegetable ingredients are full of minerals, vitamins and fibres and low in sugar, making them essential to more sustainable, plant-based nutrition.

Döhler is committed to vertical integration – from our own sustainable cultivation and state-of-the-art vegetable processing facilities to the gentle production of our vegetable ingredients. This guarantees you the highest level of quality and stability in terms of colour, taste, mouthfeel and healthy ingredients. Our comprehensive portfolio and application expertise gives you the perfect solution tailored to your individual needs. Our product range:

Take advantage of valuable vegetable purees, juices and concentrates for your next product development:

  • Nutritional benefits: Great source of essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, crucial for maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Flavour enhancement: Create unique and complex flavours for food and beverages to enhance the overall taste experience.
  • Natural and clean label: Natural ingredients allow clean label declaration with fewer artificial ingredients and preservatives.
  • Textural properties: Add thickness, creaminess or viscosity to soups, sauces, dips and more to create excellent textures and a full-bodied mouthfeel.

What makes Döhler Vegetable Ingredients the smarter choice:

  • Consistently high quality through vertical integration – from selecting seeds and varieties to our own vegetable cultivation and processing facilities
  • A broad portfolio, from well-known vegetable varieties to new, trendy options; organic available on request
  • Sensory benefits: brilliant colours, extraordinary taste and a special mouthfeel
  • Outstanding stability: tailored solutions for your food and beverage applications
  • Individual blends with fruit and vegetable combinations for superb, balanced taste sensations
  • Sustainable, traceable and reliable supply chain

The best nature has to offer:

Inspiring more natural solutions for your food and beverages

Cauliflower puree as a base for pizza dough, vegan dips and spreads based on tomato, beetroot or zucchini, jellies and gums with vegetable juice concentrates, vegetable-based snack bars, vegetable juices or a big range of applications like sauces, instant soups, spices or salty snack bars based on vegetable powders – enter the market with new product ideas and innovative concepts your consumers will love!

Our vegetable ingredients offer positive impacts on so many levels, including improved nutritional values and exciting visual effects in the final product. Help your consumers to increase their daily vegetable intake for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle!

We work with you to find the perfect solution for optimising the taste, texture, colour and nutrition characteristics of your product, supporting you with innovative concept ideas and application expertise.



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