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16% of the entire CSD segment is comprised of reduced sugar or sugar-free beverages.*

Your innovative soft drink concepts for every taste

Whether with sugar or without, for children or adults, fruity-fresh or tart – the concepts for soft drinks are as versatile as the consumer demands. Consumers today often have lifestyles which focus on healthiness, with many of them regarding regular lemonades and other classic soft drinks to be too sweet, sugary and unnatural. We will work with you to develop the next generation of carbonated soft drink concepts to enthuse consumers around the world, including:

  • Adult Soft Drinks
  • Better Nutritional Cola
  • Premium Lemonades
  • Street Food-Inspired Soda
  • Craft | Brewed & Fermented Soda

*Source: Euromonitor, 2021, Data inventory March 2021

#Classic’s Best

The best classics of all time

Beloved classics such as cola, cola mixes, lemonades and bitter drinks are perceived as too sweet, unhealthy and artificial. We have therefore optimised an entire generation of cola beverages and CSDs to provide:

  • natural flavours
  • a healthier nutrition profile
  • lighter mouthfeel


More natural, more taste

Premium lemonades with a juice content between 5% and 20% are more popular in Europe than ever before. But our new beverage concepts go a step further: using organic NFC juices and natural ingredients not only highlights the natural character of “Lemonade 2.0” but ensures they also taste:

  • fruity
  • fresh
  • natural

#Sugar reduction

Less sugar, full taste

Reduced sugar products are in high demand around the world. We have custom solutions tailored to your needs to reduce the sugar content in carbonated soft drinks (CSDs). Our natural ingredients and ingredient systems for reduced sugar CSDs impress with their:

  • harmonious sweetness 
  • delicious taste sensations
  • reduced sugar product positionings

#Multi-Sensory Excellence

Adult Softdrinks

Adult consumers desire diverse beverages that suit a sustainable lifestyle. Our product concepts impress with their:

  • tart flavours
  • light mouthfeel
  • surprising effects through different flavour combinations

Factsheet 1/3

Better Nutritional Cola
Great cola taste based on natural ingredients

Factsheet 2/3

Still Juicy Lemonades
Naturally refreshing and homemade

Factsheet 3/3

Best Classics CSD
Cola, lemonade & co. – better than ever before

Factsheet 1/3

Organic Soda
The new generation of carbonated soft drinks

Factsheet 2/3

Premium Soda
Fruitier, more natural and delicious

Factsheet 3/3

Brewed Juices & Botanicals
Discover premium adult soft drinks

Factsheet 1/3

Naturally Light Soda
Natural solutions for light refreshing sodas

Factsheet 2/3

MultiSense® Flavours
Multi-sensory optimisation of reduced sugar products

Factsheet 3/3

Reduced sugar CSDs
Naturally sweet and fewer calories

Factsheet 1/3

Adult Soft Drinks
Less sweet, indulgent and sophisticated!

Factsheet 2/3

Brewed Soda
Unique, simple and distinct flavour profiles

Factsheet 3/3

Shrub Soda
Thirst-quenching and refreshingly sour

Ensure your Carbonated Soft Drinks provide an unforgettable taste sensation

With our natural ingredients, you can adapt your product to suit regional taste preferences and those specific to certain target groups. All our natural ingredients are perfectly matched, ensuring harmonious appearances, colours and mouthfeel.

#Natural Ingredients

Natural Colours

  • Colours from nature – from crystal clear to naturally cloudy
  • Comprehensive application expertise – individual product concepts
  • Fresh from the field – indulgence for all the senses

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#Natural Ingredients

Natural Flavours

  • Nature’s best – infusions, essential oils, extracts, distillates, natural flavours etc.
  • Diverse product range – from refreshing citrus flavours to classic brown flavours
  • Authentic taste sensations – own processing, comprehensive application expertise

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#Natural Ingredients

Health Ingredients

  • Careful selection of raw materials and advanced processing methods – natural ingredients with functional added value
  • Comprehensive application expertise – unique multi-sensory experiences
  • Diverse product portfolio – based on custom solutions

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#Natural Ingredients

Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

  • Natural ingredients – naturally cloudy, clear and CO2-stable juice concentrates
  • Comprehensive application expertise – individual product concepts
  • Certifications available – organic and Fairtrade

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#Natural Ingredients

Ingredient Systems

  • Natural ingredients – from a single source and perfectly coordinated
  • Technological expertise – custom all-in-one systems
  • Reduced complexity for highest efficiency

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Natural Colours
Natural Flavours
Health Ingredients
Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients
Ingredient Systems

We bring carbonated soft drinks to life.

Are you looking to create the perfect concept for your target group? We will support you with our market knowledge, natural ingredients and our years of experience in the development of successful applications.

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