Trend drink uncovering new growth potential on a global scale

Actively avoiding alcohol? Ever increasing numbers of consumers are choosing this path and are making the switch to alcohol-free alternatives to beer and other products. Despite this, they do not want to miss out on the typical malt flavour and absolute indulgence. We can open the way to an entire world of malt beverages and work with you to develop custom products which are tailored to your wishes and the demands of the consumers, such as:

  • Alcohol-free malt beer
  • Fassbrause beverages in exciting flavour
  • Isotonic lifestyle beverages

of consumers worldwide have reduced their alcohol consumption in the last two years.*

*Source: FMCG Gurus, Hard Seltzer Survey, September 2021

Natural ingredients for alcoholic-free alternatives to beer and beer mixes

Do you want to add even more excitement and refreshment to your malt beverages and develop new markets at the same time? Döhler’s Natural Ingredients and Ingredient Systems turn your malt beverages into an extraordinary, multi-sensory experience!

We bring cereal and malt beverages to life.

Are you looking to create the perfect concept for your target group? We will support you with our market knowledge, natural ingredients and our years of experience in the development of successful applications.

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