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Smart solutions for the confectionery industry.

Sweeten your portfolio with Natural Ingredients and innovative ideas.

Are you looking for promising new confectionery products? Do you want to exploit the opportunities of growing markets abroad or add reduced-sugar fruit gums made from natural ingredients to your portfolio? Döhler is your experienced and inspiring partner – from developing innovative product ideas to the reliable delivery of the best natural ingredients and ingredient systems, all the way to optimising your production processes.

What makes Döhler the smarter choice for the confectionery industry:

Decades of experience in the market worldwide and interdisciplinary expertise in the food and beverage industry

Promising innovations such as fruit gums with a high fruit and vegetable content and innovative sweetening, or chocolates in exciting taste compositions 

Short development times

Broad portfolio of application-specific natural ingredients

All-in-one ingredient systems: tailored preparations and fillings

Comprehensive service solutions: Innovation Services, Quality & Food Safety Solutions, Supply Chain Services, Technical Services

Use added value from Döhler

for your market success.

Rely on comprehensive, in-depth market expertise.

As a global partner for the food and beverage industry, we always have all the market developments in our sights – at both an international and a local level. Our experts at Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science and our Market Intelligence team support us in this. The knowledge is incorporated into our concepts and recommendations for you.

Conquer totally new categories with our experience.

We have interdisciplinary development expertise in almost every food and beverage category and a comprehensive global network. We use this to help you enter new product categories and give you comprehensive support in new international markets.

Benefit from our technological advantage in your product innovations.

We draw on a unique variety of state-of-the-art technologies when working on new product solutions for you. This unlocks the full range of options for us to turn new trends and ideas into promising innovations for your company.

Choose tailored ingredients for your application.

Döhler offers you a broad portfolio of the best natural ingredients and the knowledge of how they behave together with other recipe components in a wide range of applications. This is how we develop ingredients that fit your product perfectly. The spectrum ranges from natural flavours and colours to fruit and vegetable juices and purees, as well as malt extracts, sweetening systems, functional ingredients such as proteins and much more.

Work with a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Döhler sets great store by a strong and lasting partnership at every stage of the supply chain. Our vertical integration and global sourcing secure our access to the very best raw materials, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, plants or milk, and guarantee top delivery reliability for you. For product innovations, we support you across every step of the development process, advise you on food safety matters and always pursue the goal of strengthening your portfolio permanently.

Simplify your processes and increase your efficiency.

Our ingredient systems can simplify your production processes significantly. Ready-to-process compounds contain all the ingredients for your confectionery in the ideal composition. This minimises the need for costly conversion of your production facilities – and raw materials are used efficiently. With our integrated services, we also support you from the initial product idea to production.

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, integrated:

Discover the Döhler portfolio for the confectionery industry.

A fruity or sour taste, shining colours or a sparkling mouthfeel – whatever properties you want to give your confectionery, Döhler provides you with the right natural ingredients for a unique multi-sensory experience.

Natural Flavours »
From classic fruit and brown flavours like coffee and caramel to trend flavours.  

Natural Colours »
Broad spectrum of heat-stable, natural colours and colouring concentrates.

Health & Nutrition Ingredients »
From vitamins and minerals for a wide range of indications to healthy extracts and perfectly-balanced sweetening systems, e.g. with stevia and fruit sweetness.

Tea & Coffee Ingredients »
Natural plant extracts and strong infusions from tea, herbs, spices, fruits and coffee.

Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients »
Juice concentrates, fruit peels and purees from our own fruit and vegetable processing and production facilities.

Cereal Ingredients »
Cereal and malt extracts for natural sweetness, colour and flavour.

Dairy Ingredients »
Bases from milk, cream, yoghurt and dairy alternatives, such as almond and rice.

Be it flavours, colours, sweetening or fruit purees, our all-in-one compounds and preparations contain all the ingredients you need, for example for the fillings in your sweets and chocolates – coordinated accurately and tailored to your production processes.

Product Solutions
From the idea to the final food & beverage.

Unlock new markets and target groups – with innovative confectionery, such as sugar-free fruit gums and sweets with the taste of baobab, new concepts such as cross-category chocolates with typical dessert flavours, and gummy bears with an elderflower and tonic taste. Döhler develops the right product solutions for you, including for totally different food segments and the beverage industry.

Sugar & gum confectionery »

Chocolate products »

Service Solutions »
Process optimisation from innovation to production.

With our comprehensive services, we support you in every step of the supply chain – from the first idea to production.

Quality & Food Safety Solutions »

Technical Support »

Supply Chain Services »

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