Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

Bring refreshing new ideas to your food and beverages

with our Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients.

Do you want the pure, fresh taste of nature? Are you looking for exciting new fruits or innovative product concepts that combine indulgence and health? At Döhler, you will find the right solution for all your ideas and requirements. Thanks to our worldwide presence and decades of experience, we can offer you a broad portfolio of fruit and vegetable ingredients that are tailored exactly to the specific requirements of your industry – from colour to taste and mouthfeel. You can always rely on the highest sensory stability and the longest shelf life in every product.

The best nature has to offer, processed on site.

Discover the entire world of fruit and vegetables.

You can find a large variety of fruits and vegetables at Döhler – from classics like apples, oranges, red fruits, carrots and beetroot to a broad selection of exotic fruits such as mulberry and white guava. We are constantly expanding this portfolio to meet the wishes of consumers around the world.

Döhler Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

Tailor-made solutions for your product applications.

Thanks to our comprehensive competence in ingredients and our expertise in the development of food and beverage applications, we understand exactly how fruit and vegetable ingredients behave in combination with other components of a recipe – in a wide range of products, packaging types and production processes. That is why you can be sure that our ingredients will give your beverage or food the properties you want permanently – for a multi-sensory experience throughout the entire shelf life.

Our expert blends of fruits and vegetables from the world’s best growing areas guarantee you the highest standardised quality of our ingredients, whether as a single blend or multi-blend of various fruit and vegetable varieties. We will be happy to supply you with certified organic and fair trade products on request.