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is the forecast growth rate for sports nutrition over the next five years*

Achieve top performances in the stressful day-to-day with natural sports nutrition!

Sports is part of an active and conscious lifestyle: From competitive athletes to consumers who exercise to counteract a stressful daily routine, all of them require foods that provide their bodies with important functional nutrients.

We develop first-class product concepts that support various training goals, including

  • accelerated muscle growth
  • reduced regeneration time
  • increased training intensity and duration


Whether RTD products, powders, gels, pouches or shots – when it comes to consumption, easy-to-handle and simply digestible products are vital. Before, during and after exercise.

*Source:Euromonitor, 2021-2025 Forecast, Data inventory January 2021


Functional sports nutrition as an ideal supplement to training

Sports nutrition provides valuable, functional ingredients that support athletes in achieving their individual training goals. Whatever the training goals of your customers – be it developing muscle, increasing stamina or heightening your focus – we have the ideal natural ingredients and product ideas to help you achieve their aim.


Quick preparation for easy consumption

Particularly when it comes to sports nutrition, products need to be practical and easy to consume before, during and after a work-out, as well as provide the required energy. Ready-to-drink beverages, powders, gel pouches or shots are ideal in this regard, as consumers can easily enjoy functional sport nutrition as part of their daily routine!

#Multi-Sensory Excellence

Functional added value with delicious taste

Consumers want their food and beverages to do one thing above all else, and that is taste good! We exclusively use high-quality natural ingredients that allow the best multi-sensory experiences to be created. As such, we provide consumers with functional products that are tailored to their exact needs and which simultaneously impress with their excellent taste!


Plant-based foods for a sporty lifestyle

Verbraucher legen v.a. aus Gründen der Nachhaltigkeit immer größeren Wert auf rein pflanzliche Lebensmittel und Getränke. Dies gilt auch für den Bereich der Sportnahrung, zumal pflanzliche Proteine aus Hafer, Erbsen, Hanf oder Reis ideal als Nahrungsergänzung zum Sport geeignet sind – sie fördern das Muskelwachstum und beschleunigen die Muskelregeneration. Über die ernährungsphysiologischen Vorzüge hinaus zeichnen sich pflanzliche Produkte aus dem Bereich Sportnahrung durch hervorragende multisensorische Eigenschaften aus.

Factsheet 1/4

Natural Fuel for Life
Sports Drinks 2.0

Factsheet 2/4

Isotonic Sports Tea
More natural, refreshing and functional

Factsheet 3/4

Protein Drinks
Water-based protein drinks to support recovery & hydration

Factsheet 4/4

BCAA Drinks
Delicious drinks with benefits

Factsheet 1/3

Protein Bars & Snacks
Indulgence meets plant-based functionality

Factsheet 2/3

Healthy Juice Shots
Boost your immune system!

Factsheet 3/3

Functional Fruit Gums
Snacking with functional added value

Factsheet 1/3

Multi-Sensory Energy Drinks
Vitalising taste sensations

Factsheet 2/3

(Concentrated) Stevia Tea Infusions
Natural sweetness with fewer calories

Factsheet 3/3

FTNF Flavours & Waterphases
The pure taste of nature

Factsheet 1/3

Plant-Based Proteins
For healthy and sustainable nutrition

Factsheet 2/3

Plant-based ingredients
For delicious plant-based food & beverages

Factsheet 3/3

More Natural Vitalising Drinks
Naturally active

Unlock your full potential using natural, high-quality ingredients.

We have the ideal compounds to help you create your next product in the sports nutrition segment. Use our portfolio to create high-quality sports nutrition products that impress with excellent functional properties and outstanding taste. Our natural ingredients contain important functional nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates to provide energy, or protein mixtures.

#Natural Ingredients

Natural Colours

  • Colours from nature – from bright red to soft shades of orange
  • Comprehensive application expertise – individual product concepts
  • Fresh from the field – indulgence for all the senses

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#Natural Ingredients

Health Ingredients

  • Careful selection of raw materials and advanced processing methods – natural ingredients with functional added value
  • Comprehensive application expertise – unique multi-sensory experiences
  • Diverse product portfolio – based on custom solutions

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#Natural Ingredients

Natural Flavours

  • Nature’s best – infusions, essential oils, extracts, distillates, natural flavours etc.
  • Diverse product range – from refreshing citrus flavours to classic brown flavours
  • Authentic taste sensations – own processing, comprehensive application expertise

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#Natural Ingredients

Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

  • Natural ingredients – fruit preparations, vegetables and purees
  • Comprehensive application expertise – individual product concepts
  • Certifications available – organic and Fairtrade

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#Natural Ingredients

Ingredient Systems

  • Natural ingredients – from a single source and perfectly coordinated
  • Technological expertise – custom all-in-one systems
  • Reduced complexity for highest efficiency

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Natural Colours
Health Ingredients
Natural Flavours
Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients
Ingredient Systems

We bring sports nutrition to life.

Are you looking to create the perfect concept for your target group? We will support you with our market knowledge, natural ingredients and our years of experience in the development of successful applications.

Talk to our experts for your sports beverages!

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