Still Fruit Juice Beverages

True variety from fruit.

Surprise the market with new fruit juice beverages time and again.

Endless variety and pure fruit indulgence – that is what still drinks offer. In doing so, they meet the core consumer desire for an authentic, fruity taste and individual refreshment. Thanks to their limitless creation options, still drinks unlock a wide range of exciting product positionings. Döhler offers you an infinite variety of natural ingredients for a wide range of needs and markets, as well as product concepts that allow a full fruit experience even with little juice. Be inspired by still drinks with “bite”, concepts with functional added value, and extraordinary taste combinations.

Discover limitless fruity variety – and the perfect solution for you.

Reduced-calorie or fruity and sweet? Especially for children or adult consumers? A classic fruit taste or exciting blossom and herb flavours? From juice concentrates and purees to natural flavours, colours and sweeteners and even emulsions, fruit cells and pieces – with this huge range of ingredients, we develop not only innovative and trend-oriented still drinks for you, but also products tailored to market demands which meet the local requirements of customers and consumers with regard to colour, taste and mouthfeel.

As a global partner and trendsetter in the food and beverage industry, we have comprehensive knowledge of the market, many years of experience in developing successful applications, and the integrated ingredient expertise of a full-service provider. That is why we provide you not only with innovative product ideas but also with the right natural ingredients, right up to tailor-made all-in-one ingredient systems.

Döhler’s Natural Ingredients and Ingredient Systems turn your fruit juice beverages into an extraordinary, multi-sensory experience.

From classic natural fruit flavours and emulsions made from orange and mango to extracts from herbs, spices and blossoms.

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Broad spectrum of natural colours. From crystal-clear to naturally cloudy.

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Vitamins and plant extracts for a wide range of indications to perfectly-balanced sweetening systems, e.g. with stevia or honey.

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Naturally-cloudy and clear juice concentrates, purees, cells and pieces from our own fruit and vegetable processing facilities.

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Powdered milk and cream for fruit juice beverages with a creamy mouthfeel and specific taste profile.

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Be it flavours, colours, vitamins, sweetening or fruit pieces, our all-in-one compounds already contain all the ingredients you need for your still fruit beverages – coordinated accurately and tailored to your production processes.

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