Energy Drinks

Next Generation of Energy: Döhler expands its portfolio with new Energy Drinks!

It is not just the body and mind that benefit from the vitality of a tasty energy drink – beverage manufacturers have also seen double-digit growth rates across virtually the entire globe in this segment over the last few years. 

And the thirst for energy drinks is still far from being quenched! Consumers are constantly searching for 100 % effectiveness combined with a 100 % refreshing and unique taste.

As a globally active manufacturer of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry, we have developed a new generation of energy drinks.

Experience: more refreshment, more lifestyle, more taste, and more naturalness.

New Taste Energy. More taste. More diversity.

New flavours have now captured 33 % of the global energy drink market. The use of natural ingredients is also a strong trend in the energy drink segment. That is why Döhler has developed energy drinks that use natural energy sources such as tea (theine) and coffee (caffeine) while providing an outstanding taste sensation.

Coffee Energy Drink.

Coffee is the oldest energy drink in the world. Its taste has remained popular throughout the ages and around the world. Our strategy has therefore centred on combining both recipes for success. The result of our developments:

Characteristic. Distinctive. Trendy.

  • A less sweet, yet bold flavour profile
  • Appeals to both established and new target groups
  • Can be used with a water or dairy base

Tea Energy Drink

Tea is synonymous with wellness, lifestyle and refreshment. Green and black teas also naturally contain the stimulating ingredient theine. Tea therefore represents the perfect basis for energy drinks underscoring their naturalness. Why not boost a popular, successful beverage with new energy then? The result of our developments:

  • Combining refreshment with energy
  • Natural sources of caffeine using black or green tea
  • Natural product positioning

JUICY ENERGY DRINK. More fruitiness. More naturalness.

Naturalness is one of the strongest current trends in the beverage industry. Juices are second to none when it comes to naturalness. Combining modern energizers with premium fruit juices was therefore a logical conclusion. And it proved highly successful! Juicy energy drinks are among the fastest growing products in the energy drink segment. Along with a high naturalness factor, juicy energy drinks are also popular due to their refreshing fruity flavours. The result of our developments: Fruitier. More refreshing. More natural.

  • Natural taste
  • Full-bodied mouth feel
  • Innovative potential for new flavours
  • Healthy & natural image

MALT ENERGY DRINK. More natural energy.

Malt has been known to have stimulating characteristics for many centuries. Due to its unique combination of carbohydrates, it provides energy that is both fast-acting and long-lasting. This makes it the perfect basis for innovative natural energy drinks. The result of our developments: Refreshing. Less sweet. Unique.

  • Natural taste
  • Full-bodied mouth feel
  • Combinations with juices and natural flavours
  • Retro and lifestyle positioning

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