Plant-based proteins

Plant-based proteins for a healthy and sustainable nutrition!

A new awareness of the environment, health and acting sustainably has transformed the consumer goods industry in recent years. More and more people are avoiding animal products. In Europe alone, twice as many new products were launched with the claim “vegan” in 2017 as in 2014. An important aspect of the debate on purely vegan diets is the question of whether the body can manage without animal proteins. Of course it can!

The solution is plant-based proteins (green proteins), which are already being used in many products, from energy bars to almond protein milk and green fruit smoothies. Plant-based proteins give already healthy products an additional protein boost!

Creating the ideal combination of protein building blocks from different vegetable sources ensures that the plant-based proteins can guarantee the best possible protein supply. We offer our customers in the food and beverage industry plant-based protein mixtures (e.g. from pea & rice) that provide the body with all the essential amino acids it needs. The taste leaves nothing to be desired either. Thanks to the use of proteins from high-quality raw materials and natural flavour compositions, the end products – from bars to snack drinks – are characterised by outstanding multi-sensory properties.

Discover the new opportunities to enter the growing plant-based Protein market. We offer you:

  • Plant-based protein mixtures with ideal amino acid profiles
  • Tailor-made solutions for various applications
  • Manifold plant-based ingredients
  • Innovative  trend concepts 
  • Ingredient compositions with optimized multi-sensory properties


Proteins are real miracle weapons in our daily diets. Along with building muscle, they support many other vital functions, such as the immune system and cell generation in hair, skin and bones. This allows a large number of health-related positioning options for a wide variety of target groups. Besides sports products, foods containing protein also appeal to the target group of health-conscious “Best Agers” (people aged 50+), as well as all consumers who want to promote their bone health. This is joined by positionings in weight management and the “free from” segment, for all those who choose vegetable proteins based on specific eating habits.

For which target group are you looking for the right product? Be inspired!

Proteins are healthy! But can products with proteins taste good too? Better than ever! We have used our comprehensive application expertise to develop various solutions that allow individual proteins to be included harmoniously in a wide range of food and beverage applications. When developing a product with outstanding multi-sensory properties, the first priority is to carefully select and combine the right proteins, such as those from rice, peas, oats or other new protein sources like beans. After-taste, that may possibly occur, can be perfectly masked with special natural flavour technologies. Each application requires comprehensive application expertise in proteins and how they interact with other ingredients. We incorporate all these factors in the development of tailored protein mixtures for specific food and beverage applications. 

The times when special products for sport or weight management held a monopoly on protein claims are long gone. Protein-enriched products have left their niche and now appeal to a broad audience, leading to an increase in demand for products containing vegetable proteins. Along with a wide range of ingredients, we also offer inspiration for new plant-based products.


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