Ingredients & Ideas for Confectionery

The flavours of popular beverages bring about innovation in the confectionery segment.

The taste of cola, ice tea, tonic & ginger ale is popular around the world - and this includes more than just beverages! Trends from the beverage industry are increasingly spilling over into other segments of the food industry thereby creating inspirations for new taste sensations in the confectionery industry.

To meet this trend, Döhler has used its unique position in the beverage segment to develop a range of flavours and ingredient systems especially for the confectionery industry. Thus, the flavours of popular trend beverages will provide refreshment in the confectionery aisles in future, too.

Are you looking for unique flavours for candies and fruit gums?

We bring the taste of popular beverages to your confectionery. To achieve this, we not only supply you with tailor-made ingredients, we also provide you with the right product idea!

How about trying:

Benefit from specialist expertise for fruit ingredients!

The topic of “naturalness” is becoming more and more important in all food segments – this also applies to confectionery. As a manufacturer of ingredients for food and beverages, we have literally taken the concept of naturalness and applied it to our products. Thanks to our own fruit processing facilities, our core area of expertise lies in the production of juice concentrates, fruit preparations, natural flavours and colours and other natural ingredients. Consequently, we are able to supply you with premium and natural components for confectionery.

Ingredients & Ingredient Systems for confectionery.

  • Premium juice concentrates
  • Multisweet Plus® Sweetening systems
  • Natural flavours and extracts in extraordinary flavours
  • Creative flavour top notes: from ginger and cocktail to chilli
  • Natural colours in red, yellow, orange, violet and brown colour scales
  • Natural malt extracts

Döhler Applications:

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