Did you know that every second consumer around the world wishes to improve their mental fitness?

After enjoying the slower pace over the past few months, many consumers want to inject more activity into their lives while maintaining their natural and sustainable lifestyle. As a result, demand is increasing for products that provide energy for both body and mind in a natural manner and offer new taste sensations.

Döhler’s EnergyHEROES and MentalHEROES phytoactive ingredients provide an ideal foundation for such products. By combining healthy added value and a high degree of naturalness, we have created an ideal basis for new food and beverage developments that completely fulfil consumer demand for a natural energy boost. The comprehensive product range consisting of botanical extracts, nootropics, fruit & Optifine™ powders, as well as vitamin / mineral and energy premixes is tailored for the respective application requirements.

Our EnergyHEROES and MentalHEROES phytoactive ingredients are available as extracts and powders. They display different properties for their use in different applications.

Extracts Full Spectrum Optifine Powders                      
100% natural botanical extracts 100% natural botanical powder, finely ground
Gentle extraction technologies for concentrated products The limited processing protects the healthy ingredients and ensures they are retained in the natural composition that has developed over time
Ratio and standardised extracts available Full spectrum possible with standardised ingredients
Comprehensive portfolio for various applications Optifine™ quality enables ground full spectrum powders to be used in food and viscous beverages
“Extract” labelling on packaging Packaging designates “Powder” or “Ground name of the raw material”



All ingredients are derived directly from natural products and are naturally sustainable. Minimal processing and sustainable production of the natural raw materials form the basis for our energy products.

The healthy and natural ingredients activate and revitalise both body and mind which allows the products to be positioned in the “Energy” and “Mental” sector.

Natural EnergyHEROES and MentalHEROES

Selection of the most important ingredients and their positioning between Energy and Mental

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive portfolio comprising a multitude of phytoactive ingredients for more naturalness in food and beverages applications with healthy added value
  • Flexible product range – from powder to extracts in different types
  • Comprehensive application expertise for shorter development times
  • Custom solutions for a myriad of applications – from dry to liquid
  • Quality assurance and standardisation of ingredients
  • Solutions for specific health claims


We bring ideas to life.

Our natural ingredients and ingredient systems pave the way for smart ideas and pioneering applications, such as:


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